Monday, May 6, 2013

Kaeley letter and pictures May 6th 2013

The Birthday Girl

Flowers she got for her Birthday

Sister Haws and Sister Fialho
Where's the sun in California?!? :) May 6th 2013
Well, just a warning....we are getting rain you might get snow! :) hehe but maybe not. This week was pretty good. We had lots of cool events. On Wednesday, we had been invited to go to the first ever mission Leadership council which is what has been created to replace the Zone leader training because they created the new sister training position to help with the amount of sisters coming in. It was really neat to be a part of and to hear what is going on. They haven't called Sisters to that position yet but just invited a few of them to come and be a part of it for the first time. It was really cool and it gave me a greater respect for the zone leaders and all they do for us because they have a big responsibility. It was neat to see the how Heavenly Father works through the spirit to help us to understand what to improve on and how to do it.
      Our investigator with a baptismal date has seemed to just disappear. As far as we know he got a job somewhere in LA but he won't return phone calls and we can't find him. It has been a big disappointment because he was so ready but maybe not willing to act upon the things he knows. We are praying he will come back to at least talk to him and if not that at least get an address so we can send the missionaries to him there. He loves the Gospel and just loves learning about God. It is sad. But all in the Lord's hands.
Another one of our investigators that comes to church every Sunday told us she didn't want to investigate the church anymore. Her husband just went through the temple and she has been investigating the church for about 6 years. That was heartbreaking because we both felt she was going to get baptized this month. And her husband is having a hard time with it because he wants to be a forever family. Just hard to see that they are so close to the truth and can't see it but that is the Lord's timing and patience is always required. :) which can be difficult at times.
We found 3 new investigators, all seem pretty promising. We have an appointment with one of them tonight and she is amazing. She is Baptist and didn't want to listen to us at first but then asked what is the difference and we told her and she then listened more and invited us back. That was really neat to see the spirit touch her heart.
During our mission leadership council we learned how to do our Weekly Planning better. We weekly plan for the coming 10 days but we didn't actually plan out each day! Well now we do and it was an amazing experience!!! Normally weekly Planning takes 2-3 hours to complete. It took us 7 hours to get through but the outcomes have been just amazing. We always seem to be in the right place at the right time and we are starting to see the miracles from it. It was a very spiritual experience for both of us. The spirit was stronger than its ever been and it was amazing being directed by the spirit on when to visit certain people and why we would visit them. just amazing! Has changed the rest of my mission for the better!    
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was a good day. Strange to be 23 and doesn't feel like it but it was good. Good day to be a missionary!   
Something I am really trying to learn is humility. And I feel like the Lord is really trying to teach me and I am realizing how much I don't rely on him and how much I need to. It is definately one of those things that you get what you ask for! :) but it is great. It is difficult at times but that is when you grow the most so it’s a good thing!
Transfers are this Tuesday but my companion and I are staying. We kind of figured but it's nice to know for sure. My companion will go back to Temple Square in 5 weeks and that is crazy! Can't believe we have been companions for 6 weeks already!
I love you all!  I hope this week is wonderful for all of you !
Sister Haws

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