Monday, May 27, 2013

Letter and pictures from Kaeley May 27th 2013

Treats for the birthday girl

Sister Fialho and Haws - May 2013
Hey ya'll!                                                                                May 27th 2013

I hope this week finds everyone well! It has been a very busy and fast paced week but it has been great! We had 2 exchanges this week with some of our sisters and they both went great! But my companion and I didn't realize how tiring exchanges can be. You are normally always tired but exchanges just wipe you out but it is the best kind of tired to be! We love being able to train the sisters and help them in any way we can. We normally call their District leader to see what they want us to work on with them and we also work with the things that the Mission President wants us to make sure they are doing correct and then we ask them 3 things they really want to work on and improve on and so you have a lot to keep in mind and you are supposed to set an example and talk to everyone and follow the spirit! I think it just takes a lot of brain power to concentrate on all that! But I truly love serving the sisters and being able to serve in this calling!

 We had kind of a slow week when it came to the work itself. We had a couple investigators that didn't want to take the lessons anymore and a couple of them that we had to drop because we never can reach them and that was hard to see some of the rejecting the truth. But we know that when 1 leaves, the Lord will place someone else in our path! We are ready to see some miracles this week and excited to see what will happen. We have really been struggling getting investigators to church. We have a lot of people say that they will come but then they don't and it’s just disappointing!  But you just keep moving forward and know that we have to do all we can to help them make the right choice and then they have their agency. It can be hard sometimes and honestly, my companion and I were a little disappointed but we just know that the Lord will help us to overcome this obstacle. It can be trying but that is when you grow.

I feel that my testimony of the Restored Gospel has grown so much over this last week and especially my appreciation for the Gift of the Holy Ghost. There was a couple of times in a couple of situations that I couldn't feel it and then when I could,  It was so amazing and I am so grateful for the comfort and guidance that it brings into my life. We have another busy week this week with 2 more exchanges to do and a lot of work to get done in our own area. And we are excited to be here!  My companion goes back to temple square in 2 weeks and that will be hard to see her leave.  It has been a great 2 transfers and I just love her to death. I love you all and am so grateful for the support and love from each of you ! Thank you! Sister Haws

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