Monday, December 31, 2012

Kaeley letter December 31st 2012

HAPPY NEW YEARS!                                                                                    December 31st 2012

 Wow! Tomorrow it is 2013. Can you believe it!! I can't! Seems just yesterday that it was 2012 that was starting! But a new year always brings so much excitement and new things! It is a great time to recommit ourselfs to our goals and who we want to become.

   This week was rather slow because of the Holidays but it has still been great! Christmas Eve, we spent time with a family in the ward that invited us over for dinner and we played the piano and sang a couple of Christmas songs. Christmas day was very tiring, but so stinking wonderful! I don't think it could of been better! The best present was talking to my family! It was so strange to see you over skype and know that it really was you and not just a picture. But, I loved every second of it. I thought that it would be really hard to go back to working this week but it wasn't too bad! The Lord was helping me a lot! We had a wonderful dinner that night with another family in the ward and they went ALL out for Christmas! It was a lot of fun! Wednesday morning, to my surprise, I woke up with the start of a cold. :( and still fighting it but it seems to be on the uphill to getting better! Which, I am happy about. Having a cold and being out in the cold, doesn't exactly give you all the motivation you need to go out and work. Today has been nice to just relax and take it easy!

    We didn't have a lot of lessons this week with everyone being out of town but we have found some wonderful people that we might start teaching this week if we can contact them! There is only one more week in this transfer and I cannot believe how fast it has gone! I am praying I won't get transferred out of Chatsworth because I love it so much and the people here but I also know that the Lord will put me where I am needed. and Hopefully it is in Chatsworth for a while longer! :) It is a strange feeling knowing that I might get transferred out and remembering that the Lord knows what he is doing. We had a Blitz on Saturday. A Blitz is where the other missionaries in our Zone come to our area and help us find. We also get members from the ward to come and go with the Elders and sisters so we can cover more ground and gives them the chance to go out with the missionaries. We prayed about an area and which missionaries to place there and it was so cool to feel the spirit working and helping us to know where to send people.

  We have some great potentials that were found that are pretty interesting in the Gospel and it was cool to see that there was people that were waiting! There was one lady that when the Elders knocked on her door, she said that last night she really felt like someone was going to knock on her door that day and it would be about God. That was so cool to hear and she is an amazing person! We have been working with a lot of less-actives and we are really seeing some amazing things happen with them. There is a couple that have such a strong desire to change their lives around and come closer to Christ and it is so cool to see that passion and to see them use the Atonement of The Savior to help them change. There is one lady that is so sweet and she has the kindest heart and cares so much about people and just really wants to come back to church and be involved so she can help others. I love seeing the change that happens in people as they use the Savior and his Atonement to overcome those things they face. My testimony grows stronger every time I see that and get to be a part of it! The Lord has blessed me so much and letting me get to be here as long as I have! I know that the Lord is in the Details of our lives and he is always there waiting to help us through those things we face! Prayer is amazing! It has an indescribable power that truly can heal us and help us to become better! I love prayer so much and have a strong testimony that is works and that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. If you are struggling, prayers are a great way to talk to Heavenly Father and tell his how you feel and I promise you, you will feel his arms and love wrap around you. I have felt that in my own life! Always remember to prayer! 3 Nephi 18:15,18  are some of my new favorite verses and it is the Savior speaking, so you know it's important! :) I am so grateful to be out here no matter how hard it gets and know that I have Heavenly Father on my side! I love you lots and hope you have a wonderful start to a brand new year! Set some goals, drink some cider and celebrate because we have the Restored Gospel of the Savior Jesus Christ! Best gift we will ever receive!  We need not fear, for the Lord is with us! Sister Haws

Monday, December 24, 2012


Sorry there is no letter this week for all of you.

 But, we get to talk to her and are SO EXCITED  to talk to her on Christmas  Day  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hi ya'll                                                                                                                      December 17th 2012

  Another week has come and gone and I can't believe I have already been our 4 months! On Saturday the 15th that was my 4th month mark and it kind of took me by surprise!!! I couldn't believe it had already been 4 months.  Seems like I just got here.

    This week was a lot of wet! But I love the rain! It was kind their snow and believe it or not, it was cold here! I froze almost every day last week and in my head,  I keep thinking, "You are from Idaho! This isn't cold." It didn't help much. Just made me realize that I am turning into a WHIMP!  :) This week was pretty busy. We met with a lot of less-actives and they are all such great people! We had 5 less-actives at church yesterday and it was so fun to look around and see their faces sitting in the best place they could ever be! Miracles and blessings at it's fullest.  It was a beautiful site to see.  AND, happy news for the week! We found a family to teach the Gospel to!!! They are the sweetest family and so faith-filled! I absolutly love them and am so excited to teach them. They truly want to know about the Gospel and have started to read in the Book of Mormon and we will teach them another lesson next weekend!

    We also have the wonderful chance to go to the Los Angeles Temple this week! I am so stoked to go! It seems like it has been forever since I was last in the Temple.  It will be a fun place to be with the Mission President and fellow Missionaries!

   I can't believe that Christmas time is already here and I am so excited to be able to Skype home this year!  We have quite a few places to go Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day so we will be busy and it will be so wonderful! I really am excited to be on a mission at this time and to be helping the Lord move his Kingdom forward!

   Saturday we had the cool experience of getting the Ward missionaries together and a couple of ward members and go and sing Christmas songs at an Assisted living Center that we go and visit a couple of less-actives at. They can no longer make it to church. It was so cool to do that for them and to see the joy of their faces to know that we came there just for them! I loved it! The ward has been putting my Piano skills to use very well and have asked me to play for quite a few things this coming Sunday, one of which is for part of our wards Christmas program. It is nice that I still get to play almost as much as I did before. Heavenly Father knew that I needed to. It keeps me sane! ::) This last Sunday, my companion, Sister Fili sang Oh holy night and I played the Piano and it was beautiful! The Spirit was so strong!

Last week was great and I can only wait to see the miracles this week that will happen! Love you all. SIster Haws

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kaeley's Letter

December 10TH 2012

    WELL... Another week has come and gone and it just seemed like p-day yesterday! I can't believe how fast time goes sometimes. But this last week was FULL of Miracles and more miracles!  I had already mentioned that we had a zone conference with Elder Clark, and it was amazing and the process of changing things and moving forward has already begin!   We have a very high goal next year for people coming into the church and it will take a lot of work to press forward but I am SOOOOOO excited to be a part of it and to see the growth and change of the mission!

     This past Wednesday, I had the chance to go on exchanges with some other Sister Missionaries  in this mission.  I went to Mission Hills and my companion stayed in Chatsworth for the day!  It was so much fun to go somewhere else for a day and see the difference in the areas and also to see what we could make better in our area.   I learned so much and I loved it! Thursday, I had the great chance to start teaching piano lessons to a member in the ward that is a recent convert. He has wanted to learn forever and we are teaching his niece the Gospel as well so it has been fun to start to do that.  And he is practicing every day to become great!

     Friday, BEST DAY EVER!  That truly was the day of miracles. That was the ward Christmas Party and we had challenged a lot of people to bring their friends and then introduce us to them.  When we first got there, I will be honest, I was a little sad to not see anyone we didn't know but alas...right at the end,  we were able to meet a family of 5 that were friends with some members in the ward.  We talked with them and they are the greatest family!  We asked them if they wanted to learn more.  They said YES !!  I was on cloud nine and so was my companion!  We were so excited to have people to teach and to have such a great family to teach.  Cheesy...but it made my heart sing!  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! :)

    We also had a contact at a gas station that was more or less awkward but fun to do. We had dared ourselves to find one more lesson that day and we just walked up to someone and started talking to them.  She thought we were crazy but we laughed and had fun. That is all that matters.

     We also had a less-active member refer herself to get a missionary visit because she wants to come back to Church. That was so cool to receive that notice to see her and she is wonderful!! 

     Saturday, another miracle.  We have been trying to get a hold of this family since September and we decided to go by their house and lo and behold, they were outside and we got a return appointment. Week of Miracles! Heavenly Father has blessed us so much this week and I have loved feeling his guidance and assurance of where we needed to be a certain times.

    We also had stake conference this week. They talked a lot about the temple and family history work and Christmas!!!  (Which is my favorite!) And just to be a little kinder and charitable this year and love those around us and really search for the true meaning of Christmas this year.  I am looking forward to seeing and feeling that reason more fully this year as I serve Him on his birthday!

   Thank you SOOO much for the ornaments and material tree from family and friends.  I cried when I saw it....yes I cried. :)  But thank you so much. It meant so much to hear from each of you and to see pictures and notes!  It is hanging up and all pretty! (pictures to come soon) Well, I better head! Thanks again! All my Love, Sister Haws

 P.S.  So glad you got to see Sister Mix! I miss her like crazy but things are good. Just learning how to live with someone new is always an adjustment for everybody, but it is all good.  She is really great.  My new companions name is pronounced,  Fili-moe-hala.  Broken up that might make it easier.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hey Family and Friends!                                                                          DECEMBER 4th 2012

     This last week has been very eventful! As some of you know, Transfers were last week and Monday was my last full day with my trainer! And Tuesday morning, we got in the car to go to the transfer meeting. It was really weird to know that after that day, I wouldn't see my trainer for a long time. But the transfer meeting was awesome! The spirit was so strong! There were 11 new missionaries from the MTC and right before they walked into the chapel, we sang "Called to Serve," As they started to walk in and it was amazing!! The spirit was like a wall that you could almost touch! And it was really cool to be on the other side of that instead of being the newby walking in! I can't believe it will be 4 months on the 15th of December! Time has just flown by! And I bet you are now wondering who my new companion is! Well...It's Sister Filimoehala. And I bet you are laughing as you try to pronounce that.:) We all just call her Sister FIli. Its ALOT easier! But she is from New Zealand which is super cool! AND cool thing, we were in the same district as the MTC together. So we have both been out the same amount of time which was surprising to not only us but all the other missionaries as well! That doesn't happen very often! I am the senior companion, ( no pressure) :) But we are still in Chatsworth. Senior companion isn't much different, just have to make sure we are doing what we need to be.

    Last week was quite interesting. It was cool to see that the training I had from my awesome trainer kicked in, in full and I was remembering all these things and understanding things better. And I was so grateful for that because being the only one who knows the area and the people was difficult. I just had to make a lot of decisions off what I already knew and that was cool to see the hand of the Lord in my life so much each day. I know that I only made it through with the Lord's help and the Savior's Atonement. It will still be a struggle this transfer because both of us just have to learn and grow together but our mission president said that we would move mountains and that is exactly what we plan to do! We had the neat chance to teach Relief Society on Sunday about being member missionaries and it was so good. We were pretty worried about how it would go over and it was so cool to see the Spirit take over and teach both them and us. The process was cool as well. We had a great lesson plan and then Saturday night, it just didn't feel right so we sat again and re-did it and that lesson was even better and then Sunday morning, it still didn't feel right! So we were stressing out a little bit but we didn't think about it and knew the end result that we wanted and just relied on the Spirit to tell us what to say! It went better than we could have ever hoped for! It was great and so fun to teach!

    And then Monday! Monday was an amazing day! We had Zone Conference for the San Fernando Valley with Elder Don R. Clark. He is part of the Missionary Department and is 1 out of 5 of them! And He came to our mission! It was so cool to see the Vision that the Lord and the mission President have for this mission! And I am so excited to be a part of it! It will take a lot of work and diligence but it is possible only through the Lord's help! We have some amazing missionaries and It is SOOOO cool to be a part of this army for the Lord. There were a lot of things that we learned that we will have to change if we expect to meet our goals next year but it was so uplifting and positive that it couldn't but help make you want to change! I learned especially that I am the only person that can choose to make those changes now and to truly rely on the Savior and the tools that the Lord has given us to help to find His Children that are ready to receive the Restored Gospel!

    We also learned about how we can make this Christmas a Christ-centered Christmas and how to handle being away from home and what an Honor it is to be serving the Savior on his Day! I have never thought of that before but it was so wonderful to hear that and how to focus on those things that will help and to truly be converted to the Lord. I never before have known as much as I do know that this Restored Gospel is True and it is Christ's Church. He is the head of this Church and everything we do. This Gospel is the most beautiful Gift that God has given us other than his son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. We have a knowledge of things that I believe only the World dreams about having and We have it! How blessed we are to belong to this Church and have the knowledge we have that helps us every day of our lives. I always took the Restored Gospel for granted because it was a part of me and I didn't know any different. Seeing people that don't have it in their lives, even if they have a religion of their own, there is such a huge difference. I never knew what a difference it makes. I am so extremely Grateful for the chance that I have to serve a mission for my Father in Heaven and that he trusts me enough to help him in this beautiful work! I am so grateful for the support of family and friends and the prayers! Miracles are happening every day of our lives. This Gospel is a Gospel of Miracles! Share it with the World! We have what the World needs and it's only through us, missionaries and member missionaries, that they can have the chance to accept it! Thanks for everything! I love you all so dearly! Sister Haws
Oh and, my back has been ok. Not the greatest but I will survive. :) We have gotten rain for 4 days in a row! That never happens!!! And I loved it! Nice for a change than just sunshine! I am not sure when I will call, either Christmas Eve or night. If I can find a member with skpye, we can skype home. But I will let you know. I am sure they will let us know within the next couple of weeks so we can let you know!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Monday, November 26, 2012

Short and Sweet letter from Kaeley November 26th 2012


Things were pretty good this last week. It was pretty slow going because a lot of people were out of town so we didn't have a lot of lessons. We had Thanksgiving at a member's home! It was fun to be there and it was just traditional which was nice. People asked us how many we went to and we said just one and they acted surprised. Kind of funny! We have a new investigator. 11 years old and she is wonderful! She is getting baptized on soon which is really exciting! Baptisms are wonderful! The spirit is so strong and it reminds you of the covenants you have made.  Friday, my companion went to the temple with all the departing missionaries so I was on exchanges with a Girl that is serving in the Granda Hills area.  It was a fun day and it was cool to be in a different area and work with the people she is seeing at this time. And you learn a lot of new things that can help in the area where you serve. Saturday and Sunday we stayed pretty busy and it finally hit us both sunday night that my trainer and companion was going home and I would have a new companion on tuesday!  I am so grateful I get to stay in Chatsworth! I love it and there is a lot of work to do and I am glad to be apart of it. So today my companion is going through things and and getting them ready to pack!  Weird to see it but I am so happy for her to see her family! And she is really excited to go home as well.  Its kind of a bitter-sweet moment I will miss the friendship her and I have she is a great person.  It surprises me how fast 12 weeks has gone since I got here !  Thats why they say enjoy every minute of life! It goes by fast!

 My back and neck are ok. They have been hurting a little the last couple of days but hopefully it will go away! and currently...I am not feeling well! Hopefully I won't get the flu! it has been going around like crazy this last couple of weeks!  I love you lots and miss you! Stay nice and warm!!! I love you Sister Haws

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hello all,                                                                                                             November 19th 2012

This week has been kind of difficult in trying to find people to teach. We had a couple of investigators drop us for no reason but it happens. A couple of the less-actives we have been working with aren't doing so well and it's so hard and sad because you have taught them everything they need to know and asked them to do certain things to help build their testimony and they don't do it and then they get frustrated and we have no idea how to help them because we have told them everything we can! It can be so disappointing and just makes my heart hurt for them. There is definitely a time and a place for all things and that can be difficult in just turning it over to the Lord, But that is all you can do when that happens. Things will work out how they need to and even if they don't find the truth out now, they will be lead back to it. We had a district training meeting on Friday morning that was just amazing! It was all about the Book of Mormon and the role that it plays in our conversions to the Gospel and also our investigators. And I know that that is true. That is where my conversion came from the Gospel! The Book of Mormon is amazing and sets our church apart from all the others as it contains everything we need to make it back to our Heavenly Father. If you want to know if the Church is true or not, read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! That is when true conversion happens. It has been made very clear to me this week, how simple and beautiful the Gospel really is, and the difference that it can make in our day to day lives. There is a saying in a talk that I read this week that says" Life before joining the church isn't easy, neither while you are joining nor after you have joined." I just love it. Life isn't easy, but with the Gospel, it makes it possible.

      I think today was, "Come out, all unique people day." We met some...interesting people today. One guy was "King of Planet Love." yep, you read right. That was fun conversation. He kind of dressed like a hippie and had a wooden flute something  and he  played us the song of love. He was really nice but just had weird ideas. He told us that he believed we already lived on planet love and didn't need to die to find it and that we(Sister Mix and I) were queens of planet love and that we are trying to save people and that is just great. My favorite thing he said was "When you give away things you grow, that is love." I have no idea what that means but it was great! He grows 5 trees everyday and showed us a picture of him catching a white shark with his bare hands and a knife and he feed 200 people of that shark. Made our Walgreens trip very entertaining. Earlier this week, we were behind a Budwiser truck with it's blinker signaling left but he turned right! We got a kick out of it and also backed off just incase! :) We have a less active that is working on going back to the temple!!! We are so stinking excited for her and she is the best. She is the only member in all her family and just has really struggled but has a beautiful and strong testimony and has a desire to be there and we are so proud of her! I love the area of Chatsworth! There are great and wonderful people here. The ward members are just wonderful and we love getting to work with them. It is a beautiful work and a work of our Heavenly Father and our Savior.

 This is my last week with my Trainer, and it is going to be a great week but also a sad one when it gets close to the end. Sometimes it hits me she is leaving and I will be the one that is supposed to "know" the area! It is going to be great though no matter what and there is so much work and potential here in Chatsworth. I am so glad I get to stay for a while longer.   We have had so many invites for thanksgiving but we are going to the Bishop's home and that will be great!  This week will be great for finding new investigators because everybody will be home!!!!  My back and neck are doing better going to the Dr. helps there is a Chiropractor here that is a member of the church that helps missionaries.  He doesn't charge for them and made a promise to the Lord that he would take care of his missionaries!  Kind of neat and he is wonderful. I am feeling better which is good.  Still sore every once in a while.  Thanks again for the love and support!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE !!!!  Love you Sister Haws

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 2012 - Pictures from Kaeley

Sister Haws and Sister Mix looking so convincingly happy ? 
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Monday, November 12, 2012


Hey Everybody !! NOVEMBER 12th 2012
Well, This week has been crazy busy!!! Which has been great but we have been constantly running from place to place. We seemed to have all the lessons we normally teach in about 2 days and then the other days, I don't know why we were so busy but we were! The weather has finally changed and it feels like fall, kind of. :) still 65 during the days and gets about 55 at night but I have been freezing! Thank Heavens for leaving in Oklahoma so I could handle the heat here but goodness! My blood is so thin now! It makes me laugh when I say its cold and I think of Idaho and its about 50 degrees cooler! We found 2 new people to start teaching and they are both wonderful! They have a desire to learn and that is so important for them to begin to understand because it is not easy to understand something that you haven't lived with your whole life. The one is a 21 year old girl who is really struggling with life and we promised her that the Gospel would help her. And she is so bright! Some of the questions she asked us were so brilliant and she has already learned so much and wants to keep learning. There is as lady in the ward that is having a lot of health problems and she served a mission and so we go over there with her and study with her. She has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and she is a huge help to us and the lessons we prepare for! We really enjoy going over there and meeting with her and this week, we got really lucky and got to spend time with her 3 days this week. She is really having a hard time and the thing that helps her is reading in the Book of Mormon, so we read with her and that cheers her up!
There is a power in the Book of Mormon that is indescribable and I have always known that but I feel it so much more strongly out here when we testify to people that it is true! I love the Book of Mormon and there is so much I learn every day just by reading a few words!
We had an amazing lesson with a former investigator. He started meeting with the missionaries about a year ago but never finished and he is so nice! We called him and got to meet him and talk to him about why the message of the restored gospel is so different from others and it was a powerful lesson! He has read the book of Mormon before but never prayed about it and when we asked him to pray about it, it was really cool to see his reaction and he said " I have never thought about praying about it." It was powerful! He will be a wonderful member of the Church!!
I had the chance to play the Piano yesterday in sacrament meeting. They never have musical numbers, always rest hymns so I told them I could do one if they wanted and of course they jumped at the chance but it was a piece I had just learned since being out here in the mission field so I was a little nervous! But the spirit definitely helped me through it and it was great! I always forget how much I love playing the piano till I don't get to do it as often as I use to so that was fun and it gave us a chance to invite all the people we have met but that aren't interested in learning but we have developed friendships with them to come! There is one lady, she is the sweetest person in the world! and she showed up with flowers but she couldn't stay but that was just so sweet of her to do that! There are some amazing people here in Chatsworth! The ward is wonderful and so many amazing people are members of it! There has been 2 less-active members coming back to church which has been so fun to see them return and enjoy it!
We went on splits yesterday, (which is taking a ward member with us to tract or contact referrals) and we met a guy that keep calling the angel Moroni, Macaroni. It was really hard not to laugh because we think he was being serious but he was a great guy and fun to talk to! We have another crazy busy week ahead as I have SO much still to learn before my trainer leaves for home in 2 Weeks!!! I never thought it would be here but it is and I have learned so much but still got so much more to learn!!! But with the Lord's help, it will happen!! I hope all is well! I love you and miss you all!!! Thanks for all the love and support!
There is a talk by Elder Ucdorf from this last conference. I believe the Saturday morning session. You should read it! It is beautiful and I loved it! Thanks so much for everything! I love you lots and miss you tons but am so happy to be out here. Everyday is hard but I love it. love you lots Sister Haws

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kaeley letter November 5th 2012

Hi everybody !!!                                                                             November 5th 2012
       California is great! Still hot as ever...well not as bad as 107 but it doesn't get that cold either!  Which is a blessing, unless your our in the sun but I would rather be in the sun than in the snow trying to find people to teach! This last week was FULL of up's and down's. We had people canceling right and left on us and that led to tracking, (which isn't my favorite, and not very successful all the time,) but it still is great because that is one way you find people to teach. We had one less active man who the missionaries found him back in Virginia and brought him to church and then he moved back to Chatsworth, which was where he was raised and he decided to keep investigating the church to see what it could offer him and he was going to drop us and we were able to meet with him and just let him talk it out and let all his frustrations out and then we were able to help his see how the Lord is really looking out for him and how much he is loved! It was a very neat and touching experience and the spirit was so strong! So we are really going to work with him and helping him build his faith in Jesus Christ for the next little while! He is so great and has such a strong desire to learn and a desire to have that faith!
We are also teaching another less active that we are the first missionaries to talk to her and her to allow into her home. She hasn't been to church in 40 plus years and she told us that it was so weird that when we came to the door, she thought "it's okay, it's time." We just adore her!
   We had the neat experience to attend another worship service with a couple that we have developed a friendship with. They aren't really interesting in joining the church but they love to learn and are the best Christians we have met her so far of another faith. But they invited us to attend church with them. The church the go to is like a mega church and is more of a modern church so they had the drums, guitar, piano, Saxophone ( which was awesome to hear) and a whole bunch of gospel singers. It felt like a gospel rock concert and it was pretty cool. I think it helped them realize that we respect them and trust them  a lot and I know that this will open doors for the to find the truth.  It was a neat experience! It was cool too because we had just had dinner with them on Thursday and shared a thought from the Ensign. It was standing together for the cause of Christ, by Jeffery r. Holland and the dad was impressed because he really didn't know what our leaders stood for and he loved that, the call to unite as Christians! They are a neat family and one day they will get to experience the blessings of being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This really is Christ's true church upon the earth once again! and I am so grateful to be a part of it and to be out here on a mission serving the Lord. This Gospel is a miracle producing gospel and I love getting to see those miracles each and everyday! It is not easy but those miracles make each and every day worth it!  Like today, we were walking into the library and this guy holding a beer stopped us and asked who we were and we started talking to him and found out he had read the Book of Mormon before and we are going to try to start teaching him more. He is really having a hard time right now and we were able to say a prayer with him and he had tears in his eyes and I know he felt the Holy Ghost comfort him! It was a MIRACLE!!! :) I love this gospel, I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior! That I can be out here each and every day serving him and giving him everything I have to help find those people who need this truth! Thanks for all your love and support! I love you all! P.S. if you haven't read 1 and 2 Corinthians, you should! They are great and full of great messages about missionary work!
I was also wondering if I could get a recipie of banana bread and some easy quick crockpot recipes to make so that we can have some good stuff! I really love to cook and just want some easy cheap things to make that are good! I was also wondering if you would send me a copy of the November ensign from conference that I can keep with me? That would be wonderful!!! It is so good to hear about the family and tell them HI!  Tell grandma I am thinking about her and grandpa !  I love it out here! It is so hard but each day brings a new challenge and new hope!   I love you lots!!  Thanks for the pictures and the mail this week!!! I love them! :) and I love any other mail I get, hint, hint everyone J  love you lots and miss you more!! Sister Haws

Missionary news from Kaeley

I wanted to send this, it was an e-mail from our mission president, thought you all might like to read it! It is exciting news !!!  Sister Haws
I know that this is the time that that the Lord will hasten his work. We found out this week that the approved number of missionaries for our mission has immediately been increased from 190 to 250! In fact, all missions in California have had their missionary complement increased to 250 young missionaries! So amazing!! Some 18 year old men and 19 year old women have already received their calls and we could begin to see some of them arrive in the next transfer or two!

Elder Marcus A . Aidukaitis of the Seventy told us this past week that the average for missionary applications per week had been averaging 300 per week and there were 4500 the first week after General Conference, 4700 the second week and another 2700 half way through the third week!! Instead of about thousand applications since Conference, there probably have been close to 14,000!! Now that is a true “hastening of the work!”

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictures from Kaeley

Kaeley in the MTC

Her study desk in her apartment in california

The Sisters apartment

 Kaeleys room and bed, and it is even clean :) 

P-Day hike, Kaeley and her companion


Hi ya'll!

   This week has been chalk full of events and mighty miracles. Monday night we had the very unique opportunity to go to a book club and answer questions they had about our religion! There were about 10 older ladies and most of which were Jewish! But they had just read a book and were curious about our religion. It was a lot of fun and they were very respectful and were just curious! It was such a neat opportunity. We also FINALLY got ahold of a family that has been on our "list" since we first got to Chatsworth! They live in a gated community (which there is a lot around here) and every time we go we haven't been able to get in...Well kind of. Mostly we didn't want to climb over the fence. Might be illegal or something, but if you see in the new 2 sister missionaries from our church caught climbing over the was not us! :) But we asked the Lord to provide a way that we could get in and we went and nothing happened so we decided to try the other gate down the street and the minute we walked away 3 cars pulled up! We ran back and just laughed the whole time and probably thought Heavenly Father got a kick out of that. But they are the sweetest family. They are from China so the mom has a hard time understanding but her 2 daughters speak great english so they were a big help. Thursday, the assistants to the president called and said that they had sold our car. And of course our next thought was...oh comes bikes! But we just got a newer car with less miles! It’s a Malibu, which I love, sister mix is still warming up to it! :) Friday night was the wards trunk or treat night and chili cook-off. There were so many crock-pots of chili!!! But you got to eat as much as you wanted and then pick the best one. Sister Mix and I decided to get candy and tape them to pass along cards because normally a lot of people not in the ward come! We even got angel wings and were heavenly messengers! (pictures to come) But it was a lot of fun! We had a family that is less-active and her husband is not a member come and that was so great to see them there!!! We had another family come that we aren't teaching but they love to ask us questions and we have a good friendship with them.  We had an amazing district training Friday morning about how to help the members understand their importance in helping the missionaries find people to teach! Because tracting is not successful most of the time and members play such a huge part in that. So that was cool to see how we can better help the ward. Sunday morning we had a little earthquake and we felt it when we got to our church building. Kind of scary but only a 3.4 or something like that. It was a weird bouncy one too! The big one is coming!!! That is what people keep telling us :) no worries!! Sunday was also the primary program and it was so fun to see all the kids op there singing their hearts out for something that they truly believe in! We have been trying to think of good service chances to do for the community because that is a great way to get people to ask questions and put our name out there and that has been good. We have a list of about 20 things right now and are going to 100! Our ward mission leader is helping us with the list as well!!! It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord over this week because if it wasn't for the missionary would ever be able to do what they do and for this work to be successful! I know that this is truly the Lord's church. Restored once again to the earth through Joseph Smith! The more I read about our history the more grateful it makes me for my ancestors that sacrificed everything to belong to this church! We have such an amazing Gift from our Heavenly Father and need to share it with everyone we come in contact with!!! The Lord is truly preparing the hearts of men to receive this message that we have to share!!!
     Thank you so much for all the pictures I enjoy seeing them! I am glad the family is doing well!!!  Thank you for sending that request in for my driving thing. I was going to start driving in our area as soon as it comes since sister mix is leaving and it will help me to know the area even more. Glad grandma is still doing well in the hospital and getting better! Give her a hug for me and Grandpa!!! Tell them I love them both!!!  Alyssa still needs to write me at some point.!! :) I do have one request. Please don't send any candy for thanksgiving or Christmas. We get so much desert and it is really starting to show! plus you can save some money!!! :) Thanks so much for sending me my jackets they were nice to have since it did get a little cold over the weekend! and for the candy!! I love pumpkins!!! my favorite! :)    I love you mom and dad and miss you heaps!!! (thats what they say in New Zealand! Stay safe! Love you sister Kaeley haws!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kaeleys letter October 22nd 2012

Well another week has already gone by and it is almost the end of October and it just started! That is the strangest feeling sometimes of super long days and then all of a sudden, it has been another month. Sometimes I can't believe how long I have already been out and yet at the same time, I wonder how I will make it 16 more months! Which is a good thing because I know in a few months I will be wishing for me to stay here be a missionary longer. The first little while is hard because you have so much to learn and do and make sure you are understanding before everything finally starts to click. And this week, well yesterday, everything that I have been learning but not really understanding how it all works together finally started to make sense as we had 4 appointments back to back! And they were all great! The spirit was so strong and the people were really starting to understand and I am kind of finally starting to understand my purpose as a missionary when it comes to teaching! This last week was transfer week and we got 15 new missionaries into the mission! It’s great!
Well unique experience this week... We were talking to this old man in his garage and he was working on something, (looked like he was trying to bend a random piece of metal in half,) and we were talking to him and he turned to get something and his shorts fell down to his ankles! It was a little awkward because we weren't sure if we should just walk away or keep talking but he just acted like it never happened and kept talking to us and just pulled up back up to his neck this time! It was really hard not to laugh but we did for a while after! And next random thing, a spider just ran out from my key board at the library. Anyway, we found a new investigator this week from going through old former investigator forms and she is a black lady who loves everyone and is so chipper and just so happy! She is going to be wonderful! There are so many nice people in Chatsworth, and it is an older community which plays a little bit into that. We have a couple ladies we are teaching that live in a residential home because they can no longer take care of themselves but the one lady is really hard of hearing and so we have to shout at her to teach her and it's really entertaining because most of the time she can't hear us anyway! We are teaching a lot of less actives right now that are just struggling with their testimonies but it is cool to see as we teach them and the spirit touches their heart that they start to glow and become more confident in their testimonies and their understanding increases. We have one lady who was, well still kind of is pretty negative, because her life hasn't gone as planned but we are having her write down 5 things she is grateful for and reading in the Book of Mormon and her entire attitude changed this last week! It was so cool to see her glowing and see that she is applying the gospel and the atonement in her life.
This week has been rather difficult and each day is a roller coaster of emotions. One minute super happy, next, just wanted to sleep forever! Haha. It is interesting trying to work through things and it’s just those weaknesses that you cannot hide from or bury them down because it is something that you have to overcome. In a sense it's kind of cool but at the same time, it can be very frustrating. But you just have to keep moving forward. Nothing else you really can do. So even when life gives you oranges, figure out a way to make lemonade. :) This week was a little hard again but not a surprise. Just keep going and that is all I can do sometimes. And I think it is just I am harder on myself than anyone so I am really learning how to have patience with myself when I don't get something. We are very well feed here! All the ward members love to have us so we get feed basically every night during the week which is nice and helpful saves on money! Plus I feel like I have made more money being a missionary from people giving us money for food than before! :) It’s interesting! I love you both lots and miss you both!!! Hope everything is going well for you! Love you Kaeley

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This week has been pretty good. Nothing too traumatic this week to report! Which is good. We did have an amazing Zone Conference this last tuesday right after General Conference which was based on becoming a Preach my Gospel Missionary and also Elder Holland's talk, (which was my favorite, and just made Zone Conference that much better.) It was also a time that the departing missionaries got to bear their testimonies before they left this week! I am happy to report that TODAY is my 2 month mark. I made it two months...only 16 more to go! :) But It’s cool that it has already been two months and doesn't even feel like it has been. Time has already just flown by! We have taught a lot of lessons this week! We have 1 new investigator which brings it up to 4 and we have one with a baptismal date. Which is just awesome. She is a 14 year old girl and just has a strong desire to know about the church and be a part of it. Her aunt that is in our ward is trying to adopt her and it will be such a better environment for her to be in and should happen this week hopefully. We have had a lot of dinner appointments this week with members and the members in this ward are absolutely amazing! They have the kindest hearts and just want to help anyone they can. We had the opportunity to go to the hospital to visit a member of our ward that is there last night. He is so great and him and his wife are converts to the church and every time they see us, he talks to us about how there is nothing out there. It is all right here in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He has such a strong testimony and loves to share it with everyone! But we went and saw him last night and he always gives me grief for being the new missionary and the greenie and always invites me to pray because I am new and need all the practice I can get, or at least he says so! But I got to pray for him and it was so amazing the feel the love that the Lord has for him as I prayed for him to get better and to keep recovering. It is just amazing what the Lord can do. I never realized how much love the Lord has for his Children, and that love is incomprehensable . I don't think we can ever really know how much love the Lord has for each of us but we defintely can look at our lives and know that there is a Heavenly Father who loves us dearly and gives us such great gifts to use and have in our lifes. Especially people. We have met so many amazing people that have such amazing convert stories and it just strengthens mine that this is the Lord's true church on the earth because these people have looked everywhere! And finally found what they are looking for. It is so great. The Gospel is great and is there to help us get through life. We have been given so many tools to help us, the scriptures, prayer, prophets, church, the sacrament, friends, family, and the list could go on and on! If anything I am truly learning to never take things for granted and to always use them the best way I can to help the people around me and in return help myself. Keep praying and going to church and reading and studying the Scriptures. Its the small and simple things that will keep us on the path to eternal life and our Heavenly Father. Missionary work is the best thing ever. It is hard and I knew that it would be. Some days are better than others but you just keep going. And it's not in my nature to quit something. Sometimes I really want to and its hard to keep going when nothing happens but there is such amazing things that happen that make it ALL worth it and everything I have learned is just awesome and I wouldn't trade it for the world. The Atonement is very real and that is the ONLY reason I can get through each and every day. Sister Mix and I are teaching a family history class we are trying to set it up for everyone to come.we really feel that it will bring a lot of people in contact with the church and that is what we need! It hasn't been too bad here lately. Today is 101 but even that is better than 107!
I love you both lots and lots and miss you lots! I am glad things are good! I will pray for you and dad and I always do! Love you both! Love, ME!!!!! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey,                                                                                                      October 8th, 2012
    Well this week has still had its ups and downs but mostly ups and that is a typical week of the life of a missionary. Sometimes I feel super bipolar...which can be a good thing and bad but mostly good because it is giving me even more to work on!!! :) Those are the best times when all your weaknesses are thrown in your face but it also gives me even something more that I can rely on the Lord and truly feel his power and atonement in my life. The atonement is so real and I have never felt it more powerful than now being on a mission and truly asking the Lord to help me overcome my own weaknesses.  It is great because I know my Heavenly Father is listening otherwise I would never make it through some days. Heavenly Father truly hears and answers prayers through tender mercies and sometimes we think he doesn't  but it is because it is something so small to help us through till the "big" answer comes. There is a song that I just love a part of it says "what if these trials in our lives are your  mercies in disguise." I just love that line and it is so true!

   Conference was AMAZING!!!! The spirit was so thick with every talk and just seemed to be even more so with each session!!  I seriously cried when the annoucement was made for sisters to serve at 19!!!! The door has just been opened for so many more sister missionaries! And Heaven knows we need them. It is so great that they can choose to go before they get so involved with school and thinking about getting married, that is just doesn't seem like an option.  My first two thoughts were Rachel and Raini and about going on a mission.  You saying that they thought about it too just made me want to cry even more!  So,  I hope you (Rachel and Raini) and the other girls in our family when the time comes, will read this and prayer fervently about going...because I can promise you that you will NEVER do anything as hard nor as rewarding as a mission. It prepares you for everything you will do with the rest of your life. You might think I am biased because I am out here but I am not...well maybe a little...but still. :) I would only encourage you to go because you truly learn who you are to Heavenly Father and learn how much he loves you and all of his children.   You have so much joy at the end of the night when your feet, back, brain and cheeks hurt from smiling so much... yet you can still smile and just feel so happy that you helped someone and served them.   It isn't easy but it is so worth it. There are hard days but there are great days that make you forget the bad. I don't remember who it was but there was an apostle who talked about sister missionaries and how  they aren't required to go but that we need strong mothers to raise the kids that will come into the world at a time that is going to be hard and a mission will teach you future Mothers everything you need  so you can be that kind of strong  Mother.  It went  something like that. If you can find it, you might enjoy it. Marriage is so important...but If you have a desire to go (D&C  4:3), the Lord will always use you and marriage will always be there when you get back. If it's right, the Lord will tell you! I promise you that. and even if you don't get a resounding yes and you still want to go... GO!!!! You will never regret it. I promise you that. It is such a great joy to me to get up and put my name tag on and become one with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and go to work. It's great!  Ok..I am done ith my advice and rant or whatever you want to call it  :)   
  My favorite talk was Jeffery R. Holland. I love that man. He is so bold and straightforward, yet he does it with so much love that it only makes you want to be better! He truly is inspiring. His talk was just so great and meant so much to me as a missionary. I loved how every talk, no matter what it was, always went back to using the Atonement. The Atonement isn't just a one time thing but something we have the beautiful privilege of using over and over again to help us become the person Heavenly Father intends us to be. 2 Nephi 31:20 pretty much rapped up conference for me in a nutshell. It was so great to hear from the living prophets are we are so blessed!
    This week has been good and busy. We have been meeting with a lot of less active members in the ward that are so wonderful and so kind.  There is one lady that we had the chance to meet with that she told us she got offended and left the church and a few years back, two missionaries knocked on her door a while ago and she told them to go away and never return. Then we showed up a few years later and she was so prepared by the Lord to accept our invitation to come back and talk to her. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people over time to accept the message we share. We have had quite a few dinners this week with members and every time we go for dinner and get to know them  I always walk away amazed and wondering,  why isn't the whole city of Chatsworth members because our ward has so many neat and inspiring people.  I just love them and their kindness and their willingness to be involved in the work and help us in any way they can. It's funny because this ward is so use to elder's that they cook a lot of food and then here come the sisters who don't eat near as much as the elder's. It’s great. Last night the family we ate with told us we couldn't say the “full”  word there because in their house it was a cuss word.  He is also from Hawaii and they eat a lot but it’s so great. I know my last letter wasn't that positive so I hope this one is because even though this week has been hard, It has been great!

 I am finally feeling better except I think I might be getting sick again but I am doing everything I can to not get sick because it sucks!   I want to work but if I get sick I can’t,  but it should be ok. Tell grandma I got her letter and Thanks and I miss her,  and I sent her one back if she can find it :)  I play the piano a lot and it is great because I miss getting to play it all the time. Normally about once a week for our training meetings but the Lord knows that is how I release stress so he provides ways to play it when I least expect it and it's great. Today we went to a place called the rock where you can see the ocean from there but it was super foggy...or smoggy however you look at it but we will go back sometime but it was great to be out in nature. Normally we do laundry, email, shopping, cleaning, napping, letter writing, napping...more napping...haha I wish!!!  Some Mondays are busier than a normal day in the week. The library is about 3 blocks from our apartment so not too far but we are at the apple store because it was closed today. Sorry to hear about raini's car! and my car! haha I am just really glad she is ok and nothing more was damaged or hurt but that stinks about it. I hope things work out for her. There are a million subways here but we haven't used it yet just because we keep getting money from older members who don't cook very much. So we still have the gift card !! Oh I thought of something else I want for Christmas...stamps!!!! :) That cd and stamps would be great and put the money you would normally spend into my mission. I mean it! :) That is the most important thing and I can never repay you for the service and help you are giving me to keep me out here. The Lord is truly blessing our family and I can feel it from here!!!  Tell grandpa I miss him lots and lots and lots but I am surviving :) hope dad isn't too tired from spud harvest! Make sure you get some rest and don't work too hard.!!!  I love you and miss you dearly! Keep going to CHURCH,  PRAYING and READING .  They spell CPR and truly are our lifeline to live with Heavenly Father again!  Much love Sister  (Me)  Haws :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

More Pictures

Kaeley and her companion in California, Sister Mix

She said this is her favorite street in California !!


At the Provo Temple on her P-day at the MTC.  August 2012
Some of her district in the MTC.  Her companion is the Sister standing in front of Kaeley

She was on a hike in the "mountains" for thier p-day.  This one she labeled "top of the world???" She said it was basically just a big pile of rocks in the middle of the city that they called a big mountain.  :) 

New Letter from Kaeley - October 1st

    Well...Things have been good...and bad.  But a good bad I guess you could say. It has been good because we have had a lot of training this week and that has been helpful in what we do on a day to day basis.  So we have lots and lots to work on and start to implement in our daily routine. And remember when I said tracting was better last week...that lasted about 4 days later.  We ran into this guy, who just laid into us about how we are spreading a lie and just a lot of other things and was just attacking us. We should of just walking away but we didn't and we kind of told him the what for about what he has said. We kind of got into it with him but then realized it was going in a not very good direction and we tried to change the tone and ask him have you ever read the Book of Mormon and he just keep saying you don't need it and you believe this and this and it’s a lie. We told him how can  you tell us what we believe if you have never even read the Book of Mormon and why would you limit God to what he is capable of.  He listened for  about 5 minutes and then just went back to his old argument that we were spreading a lie and weren't going to make it to heaven because we were serving a mission. I finally said its time to go, and we started to walk away and we told him we hoped that one day his opinion of who we were as people would change and wished him a nice day. Let me tell you, I have a lot of work to do on loving everyone because I really just wanted to punch him in the face and say how dare you. I am praying for Charity and forgiveness which is all I can do but we are both not fans of tracting right now. We didn't even knock on his door. We were just walking down the sidewalk and said Hi but it just surprises me how mean people can be about something they know so little about. Everything else has been good but that experience kind of shook both of us up for a little while. We know better next time to that when that happens to walk away. We have the right to not listen to them especially if they are targeting us. But that is my horrid story for the week. My good story of the week is that is finally cooled down for a few days but today and tomorrow...107! People say this isn't normally for this area and they don't really know what is going on. We have met some neat people this last week but none of  whom  were interested. Our  ward  is really helpful and are always so willing to feed us. Which is nice not having to worry about cooking a meal but I don't know if they realize that as sisters, we don't eat near as much as the elders!  It’s kind of funny to see how much food gets put on the table sometimes. We just laugh. We have 2 new investigators this week. We are teaching a 14 year old girl who has had a pretty hard life so far but her aunt is in our ward and they are adopting her and she wants to learn more about the church. The other is a grandson of a less active in our ward and they both are going to be taught the missionary lessons. He is 81/2 and super excited to learn more. There is so much work that can be done here but sometimes it gets overwhelming on where to even start. We are never really sure but that is where prayer comes into play and we just trust that the Lord will take us where we need to be. But you just keep working hard, hoping for the best and you just keep doing what has been asked of you and pray for the strength to keep going.   
 The fall pictures you sent looked beautiful and I miss seeing all that green!  It’s mostly desert here with maybe a couple of green trees but not very many.   Tell everyone Hi  for me!  Love you,  Sister Haws

Monday, September 24, 2012

Things have been good! We have been trying to find people to teach and right now that involves a lot of tracting! Which if you read my last email home, I told you about a couple of bad experiences. Well on Tuesday morning, we were out ready to knock on some doors and I was just terrified! I don't really know why but I just keep saying Heavenly Father I can't knock on another door, I just can't. But we did and Thank Heavens for the Lord's tender mercies. Every door we knocked on for the next two days were people that were kind. Even if they wanted nothing to do with the church, they declined nicely and I just thanked Heavenly Father so much. I know that not all of them will be nice but I feel like now I have built a protective wall against mean people. :) I am FINALLY feeling so much better!
 I never realized how crummy I felt till I started talking antibiotics and feeling like a brand new person! That has helped so much to really be able to get out and work! This week we have really focused in on finding people but also getting to know the ward members on a more personal level, and especially the less-actives. We have had quite a bit of success in just getting a hold of them and letting them get to feel the spirit. It has proven very true that sister missionaries can get into certain homes that elders sometimes can't. Don't know why but it has been neat to see!
The ward we are in are still so excited about having sister missionaries! All the time they tell us we are so glad you are here! It really has been a long time for them and there is definatly plenty of work to be done.
Something that I really have come to realize is how much we (people born into the church) take it for granted. We have been so so blessed to be raised in it and to have had that direction in our lives. So many people are converts to the church out here and they always express how truly grateful they are for the gospel and just how they love that they have the chance to here about it before it was too late. There is one guy in particular that, his conversion story and testimony is just so incredible. He has literally gone to EVERY church there is, searching for the truth and the last one he came to was ours, and he just knew. And he tells everyone, "Now don't you go looking for something that isn't there. All you will ever need is right here in this Gospel." It makes me laugh but It is so true. I see people who have no religion in there life or are just happy with what they know, who honestly are miserable. They might not act like it all the time, but really, how can you not want more. The Gospel is an amazing blessing from our Heavenly Father, who truly knows exactly what he needs and when he needs it.
There was one family we meet the other day that what happened was just impressive to me. We were tracting door to door and we knocked on their door and asked if we could offer a prayer on behalf of their family. The Mom said, "We were actually leaving" and we asked if there was a better time we could come back and pray for them so she went and asked her husband and he said sure come on in. We sat down and talked to them for about 20 minutes and they are from Turkey and were raised Muslim but didn't practice really anything and both the mom and dad just recovered from cancer. The mom told us about how she didn't believe in anything before and then she got cancer and she started praying. She never felt like she had anyone talk to her but she just keep believing. I then said the prayer for their family, and afterwards the mom was like "I feel so good!" And we pointed out to her that that was the Holy Ghost, Speaking to her heart and testifying truth to her. She was so amazed and she is so ready to accept the Gospel and That was such a neat experience to see just how the Lord truly does prepare the people that are ready to accept the Gospel. If we had been there 6 months earlier before she had cancer, guarantee, that she would of closed the door. It is truly amazing to see the way the Lord works with all of his children and just testifies to me how much he truly knows us individually and exactly what we need when we need it. There is a talk in this month's ensign by president Eyring I believe about people being prepared to hear your testimony! Every needs to read it if you haven't and if you have ... read it again! because it is amazing!!!!
Things are going really well! It's hard and tiring but I wouldn't have it any other way. Missionary work is amazing, really. The Lord has his hand in everything we do and teach and say.
There is about 16 sisters all over this mission. There are 3 valleys. San Fernando (where I am) Santa Clarita and Antelope valley. It goes from San Fernando to Bishop towards Nevada border. So glad the baby calf was born and she is cute! What did you name her? She looks like a bigger version of Missy! Glad dad has some time to breath before spud harvest! Don't work too hard Dad! and Thanks for your comments! You truly have no idea how much I enjoy hearing from you! Tell the the whole family Hi when you talk to them.
You think your air is bad!!! well it probably is but the smog here is sometimes very bad! so I kind of understand where you are coming from. Keep canning! Then you can feed the whole neighborhood!!! got to love gardens. I got my library card so its all good and a lot more peaceful to e-mail from that the mall!!! I hope everything is going well and I love you all and miss you lots!!!
Love you so so so very much!! Tell the kids hi for me and that I love them and too write me!!!! :) My companion is amazing and I learn so much from her every day! I just love her and am so grateful. Love you!!!