Monday, December 31, 2012

Kaeley letter December 31st 2012

HAPPY NEW YEARS!                                                                                    December 31st 2012

 Wow! Tomorrow it is 2013. Can you believe it!! I can't! Seems just yesterday that it was 2012 that was starting! But a new year always brings so much excitement and new things! It is a great time to recommit ourselfs to our goals and who we want to become.

   This week was rather slow because of the Holidays but it has still been great! Christmas Eve, we spent time with a family in the ward that invited us over for dinner and we played the piano and sang a couple of Christmas songs. Christmas day was very tiring, but so stinking wonderful! I don't think it could of been better! The best present was talking to my family! It was so strange to see you over skype and know that it really was you and not just a picture. But, I loved every second of it. I thought that it would be really hard to go back to working this week but it wasn't too bad! The Lord was helping me a lot! We had a wonderful dinner that night with another family in the ward and they went ALL out for Christmas! It was a lot of fun! Wednesday morning, to my surprise, I woke up with the start of a cold. :( and still fighting it but it seems to be on the uphill to getting better! Which, I am happy about. Having a cold and being out in the cold, doesn't exactly give you all the motivation you need to go out and work. Today has been nice to just relax and take it easy!

    We didn't have a lot of lessons this week with everyone being out of town but we have found some wonderful people that we might start teaching this week if we can contact them! There is only one more week in this transfer and I cannot believe how fast it has gone! I am praying I won't get transferred out of Chatsworth because I love it so much and the people here but I also know that the Lord will put me where I am needed. and Hopefully it is in Chatsworth for a while longer! :) It is a strange feeling knowing that I might get transferred out and remembering that the Lord knows what he is doing. We had a Blitz on Saturday. A Blitz is where the other missionaries in our Zone come to our area and help us find. We also get members from the ward to come and go with the Elders and sisters so we can cover more ground and gives them the chance to go out with the missionaries. We prayed about an area and which missionaries to place there and it was so cool to feel the spirit working and helping us to know where to send people.

  We have some great potentials that were found that are pretty interesting in the Gospel and it was cool to see that there was people that were waiting! There was one lady that when the Elders knocked on her door, she said that last night she really felt like someone was going to knock on her door that day and it would be about God. That was so cool to hear and she is an amazing person! We have been working with a lot of less-actives and we are really seeing some amazing things happen with them. There is a couple that have such a strong desire to change their lives around and come closer to Christ and it is so cool to see that passion and to see them use the Atonement of The Savior to help them change. There is one lady that is so sweet and she has the kindest heart and cares so much about people and just really wants to come back to church and be involved so she can help others. I love seeing the change that happens in people as they use the Savior and his Atonement to overcome those things they face. My testimony grows stronger every time I see that and get to be a part of it! The Lord has blessed me so much and letting me get to be here as long as I have! I know that the Lord is in the Details of our lives and he is always there waiting to help us through those things we face! Prayer is amazing! It has an indescribable power that truly can heal us and help us to become better! I love prayer so much and have a strong testimony that is works and that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. If you are struggling, prayers are a great way to talk to Heavenly Father and tell his how you feel and I promise you, you will feel his arms and love wrap around you. I have felt that in my own life! Always remember to prayer! 3 Nephi 18:15,18  are some of my new favorite verses and it is the Savior speaking, so you know it's important! :) I am so grateful to be out here no matter how hard it gets and know that I have Heavenly Father on my side! I love you lots and hope you have a wonderful start to a brand new year! Set some goals, drink some cider and celebrate because we have the Restored Gospel of the Savior Jesus Christ! Best gift we will ever receive!  We need not fear, for the Lord is with us! Sister Haws

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