Monday, December 17, 2012


Hi ya'll                                                                                                                      December 17th 2012

  Another week has come and gone and I can't believe I have already been our 4 months! On Saturday the 15th that was my 4th month mark and it kind of took me by surprise!!! I couldn't believe it had already been 4 months.  Seems like I just got here.

    This week was a lot of wet! But I love the rain! It was kind their snow and believe it or not, it was cold here! I froze almost every day last week and in my head,  I keep thinking, "You are from Idaho! This isn't cold." It didn't help much. Just made me realize that I am turning into a WHIMP!  :) This week was pretty busy. We met with a lot of less-actives and they are all such great people! We had 5 less-actives at church yesterday and it was so fun to look around and see their faces sitting in the best place they could ever be! Miracles and blessings at it's fullest.  It was a beautiful site to see.  AND, happy news for the week! We found a family to teach the Gospel to!!! They are the sweetest family and so faith-filled! I absolutly love them and am so excited to teach them. They truly want to know about the Gospel and have started to read in the Book of Mormon and we will teach them another lesson next weekend!

    We also have the wonderful chance to go to the Los Angeles Temple this week! I am so stoked to go! It seems like it has been forever since I was last in the Temple.  It will be a fun place to be with the Mission President and fellow Missionaries!

   I can't believe that Christmas time is already here and I am so excited to be able to Skype home this year!  We have quite a few places to go Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day so we will be busy and it will be so wonderful! I really am excited to be on a mission at this time and to be helping the Lord move his Kingdom forward!

   Saturday we had the cool experience of getting the Ward missionaries together and a couple of ward members and go and sing Christmas songs at an Assisted living Center that we go and visit a couple of less-actives at. They can no longer make it to church. It was so cool to do that for them and to see the joy of their faces to know that we came there just for them! I loved it! The ward has been putting my Piano skills to use very well and have asked me to play for quite a few things this coming Sunday, one of which is for part of our wards Christmas program. It is nice that I still get to play almost as much as I did before. Heavenly Father knew that I needed to. It keeps me sane! ::) This last Sunday, my companion, Sister Fili sang Oh holy night and I played the Piano and it was beautiful! The Spirit was so strong!

Last week was great and I can only wait to see the miracles this week that will happen! Love you all. SIster Haws

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