Monday, December 10, 2012

Kaeley's Letter

December 10TH 2012

    WELL... Another week has come and gone and it just seemed like p-day yesterday! I can't believe how fast time goes sometimes. But this last week was FULL of Miracles and more miracles!  I had already mentioned that we had a zone conference with Elder Clark, and it was amazing and the process of changing things and moving forward has already begin!   We have a very high goal next year for people coming into the church and it will take a lot of work to press forward but I am SOOOOOO excited to be a part of it and to see the growth and change of the mission!

     This past Wednesday, I had the chance to go on exchanges with some other Sister Missionaries  in this mission.  I went to Mission Hills and my companion stayed in Chatsworth for the day!  It was so much fun to go somewhere else for a day and see the difference in the areas and also to see what we could make better in our area.   I learned so much and I loved it! Thursday, I had the great chance to start teaching piano lessons to a member in the ward that is a recent convert. He has wanted to learn forever and we are teaching his niece the Gospel as well so it has been fun to start to do that.  And he is practicing every day to become great!

     Friday, BEST DAY EVER!  That truly was the day of miracles. That was the ward Christmas Party and we had challenged a lot of people to bring their friends and then introduce us to them.  When we first got there, I will be honest, I was a little sad to not see anyone we didn't know but alas...right at the end,  we were able to meet a family of 5 that were friends with some members in the ward.  We talked with them and they are the greatest family!  We asked them if they wanted to learn more.  They said YES !!  I was on cloud nine and so was my companion!  We were so excited to have people to teach and to have such a great family to teach.  Cheesy...but it made my heart sing!  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! :)

    We also had a contact at a gas station that was more or less awkward but fun to do. We had dared ourselves to find one more lesson that day and we just walked up to someone and started talking to them.  She thought we were crazy but we laughed and had fun. That is all that matters.

     We also had a less-active member refer herself to get a missionary visit because she wants to come back to Church. That was so cool to receive that notice to see her and she is wonderful!! 

     Saturday, another miracle.  We have been trying to get a hold of this family since September and we decided to go by their house and lo and behold, they were outside and we got a return appointment. Week of Miracles! Heavenly Father has blessed us so much this week and I have loved feeling his guidance and assurance of where we needed to be a certain times.

    We also had stake conference this week. They talked a lot about the temple and family history work and Christmas!!!  (Which is my favorite!) And just to be a little kinder and charitable this year and love those around us and really search for the true meaning of Christmas this year.  I am looking forward to seeing and feeling that reason more fully this year as I serve Him on his birthday!

   Thank you SOOO much for the ornaments and material tree from family and friends.  I cried when I saw it....yes I cried. :)  But thank you so much. It meant so much to hear from each of you and to see pictures and notes!  It is hanging up and all pretty! (pictures to come soon) Well, I better head! Thanks again! All my Love, Sister Haws

 P.S.  So glad you got to see Sister Mix! I miss her like crazy but things are good. Just learning how to live with someone new is always an adjustment for everybody, but it is all good.  She is really great.  My new companions name is pronounced,  Fili-moe-hala.  Broken up that might make it easier.

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