Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi ya'll!

   This week has been chalk full of events and mighty miracles. Monday night we had the very unique opportunity to go to a book club and answer questions they had about our religion! There were about 10 older ladies and most of which were Jewish! But they had just read a book and were curious about our religion. It was a lot of fun and they were very respectful and were just curious! It was such a neat opportunity. We also FINALLY got ahold of a family that has been on our "list" since we first got to Chatsworth! They live in a gated community (which there is a lot around here) and every time we go we haven't been able to get in...Well kind of. Mostly we didn't want to climb over the fence. Might be illegal or something, but if you see in the new 2 sister missionaries from our church caught climbing over the was not us! :) But we asked the Lord to provide a way that we could get in and we went and nothing happened so we decided to try the other gate down the street and the minute we walked away 3 cars pulled up! We ran back and just laughed the whole time and probably thought Heavenly Father got a kick out of that. But they are the sweetest family. They are from China so the mom has a hard time understanding but her 2 daughters speak great english so they were a big help. Thursday, the assistants to the president called and said that they had sold our car. And of course our next thought was...oh comes bikes! But we just got a newer car with less miles! It’s a Malibu, which I love, sister mix is still warming up to it! :) Friday night was the wards trunk or treat night and chili cook-off. There were so many crock-pots of chili!!! But you got to eat as much as you wanted and then pick the best one. Sister Mix and I decided to get candy and tape them to pass along cards because normally a lot of people not in the ward come! We even got angel wings and were heavenly messengers! (pictures to come) But it was a lot of fun! We had a family that is less-active and her husband is not a member come and that was so great to see them there!!! We had another family come that we aren't teaching but they love to ask us questions and we have a good friendship with them.  We had an amazing district training Friday morning about how to help the members understand their importance in helping the missionaries find people to teach! Because tracting is not successful most of the time and members play such a huge part in that. So that was cool to see how we can better help the ward. Sunday morning we had a little earthquake and we felt it when we got to our church building. Kind of scary but only a 3.4 or something like that. It was a weird bouncy one too! The big one is coming!!! That is what people keep telling us :) no worries!! Sunday was also the primary program and it was so fun to see all the kids op there singing their hearts out for something that they truly believe in! We have been trying to think of good service chances to do for the community because that is a great way to get people to ask questions and put our name out there and that has been good. We have a list of about 20 things right now and are going to 100! Our ward mission leader is helping us with the list as well!!! It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord over this week because if it wasn't for the missionary would ever be able to do what they do and for this work to be successful! I know that this is truly the Lord's church. Restored once again to the earth through Joseph Smith! The more I read about our history the more grateful it makes me for my ancestors that sacrificed everything to belong to this church! We have such an amazing Gift from our Heavenly Father and need to share it with everyone we come in contact with!!! The Lord is truly preparing the hearts of men to receive this message that we have to share!!!
     Thank you so much for all the pictures I enjoy seeing them! I am glad the family is doing well!!!  Thank you for sending that request in for my driving thing. I was going to start driving in our area as soon as it comes since sister mix is leaving and it will help me to know the area even more. Glad grandma is still doing well in the hospital and getting better! Give her a hug for me and Grandpa!!! Tell them I love them both!!!  Alyssa still needs to write me at some point.!! :) I do have one request. Please don't send any candy for thanksgiving or Christmas. We get so much desert and it is really starting to show! plus you can save some money!!! :) Thanks so much for sending me my jackets they were nice to have since it did get a little cold over the weekend! and for the candy!! I love pumpkins!!! my favorite! :)    I love you mom and dad and miss you heaps!!! (thats what they say in New Zealand! Stay safe! Love you sister Kaeley haws!

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