Monday, October 22, 2012

Kaeleys letter October 22nd 2012

Well another week has already gone by and it is almost the end of October and it just started! That is the strangest feeling sometimes of super long days and then all of a sudden, it has been another month. Sometimes I can't believe how long I have already been out and yet at the same time, I wonder how I will make it 16 more months! Which is a good thing because I know in a few months I will be wishing for me to stay here be a missionary longer. The first little while is hard because you have so much to learn and do and make sure you are understanding before everything finally starts to click. And this week, well yesterday, everything that I have been learning but not really understanding how it all works together finally started to make sense as we had 4 appointments back to back! And they were all great! The spirit was so strong and the people were really starting to understand and I am kind of finally starting to understand my purpose as a missionary when it comes to teaching! This last week was transfer week and we got 15 new missionaries into the mission! It’s great!
Well unique experience this week... We were talking to this old man in his garage and he was working on something, (looked like he was trying to bend a random piece of metal in half,) and we were talking to him and he turned to get something and his shorts fell down to his ankles! It was a little awkward because we weren't sure if we should just walk away or keep talking but he just acted like it never happened and kept talking to us and just pulled up back up to his neck this time! It was really hard not to laugh but we did for a while after! And next random thing, a spider just ran out from my key board at the library. Anyway, we found a new investigator this week from going through old former investigator forms and she is a black lady who loves everyone and is so chipper and just so happy! She is going to be wonderful! There are so many nice people in Chatsworth, and it is an older community which plays a little bit into that. We have a couple ladies we are teaching that live in a residential home because they can no longer take care of themselves but the one lady is really hard of hearing and so we have to shout at her to teach her and it's really entertaining because most of the time she can't hear us anyway! We are teaching a lot of less actives right now that are just struggling with their testimonies but it is cool to see as we teach them and the spirit touches their heart that they start to glow and become more confident in their testimonies and their understanding increases. We have one lady who was, well still kind of is pretty negative, because her life hasn't gone as planned but we are having her write down 5 things she is grateful for and reading in the Book of Mormon and her entire attitude changed this last week! It was so cool to see her glowing and see that she is applying the gospel and the atonement in her life.
This week has been rather difficult and each day is a roller coaster of emotions. One minute super happy, next, just wanted to sleep forever! Haha. It is interesting trying to work through things and it’s just those weaknesses that you cannot hide from or bury them down because it is something that you have to overcome. In a sense it's kind of cool but at the same time, it can be very frustrating. But you just have to keep moving forward. Nothing else you really can do. So even when life gives you oranges, figure out a way to make lemonade. :) This week was a little hard again but not a surprise. Just keep going and that is all I can do sometimes. And I think it is just I am harder on myself than anyone so I am really learning how to have patience with myself when I don't get something. We are very well feed here! All the ward members love to have us so we get feed basically every night during the week which is nice and helpful saves on money! Plus I feel like I have made more money being a missionary from people giving us money for food than before! :) It’s interesting! I love you both lots and miss you both!!! Hope everything is going well for you! Love you Kaeley

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