Monday, November 26, 2012

Short and Sweet letter from Kaeley November 26th 2012


Things were pretty good this last week. It was pretty slow going because a lot of people were out of town so we didn't have a lot of lessons. We had Thanksgiving at a member's home! It was fun to be there and it was just traditional which was nice. People asked us how many we went to and we said just one and they acted surprised. Kind of funny! We have a new investigator. 11 years old and she is wonderful! She is getting baptized on soon which is really exciting! Baptisms are wonderful! The spirit is so strong and it reminds you of the covenants you have made.  Friday, my companion went to the temple with all the departing missionaries so I was on exchanges with a Girl that is serving in the Granda Hills area.  It was a fun day and it was cool to be in a different area and work with the people she is seeing at this time. And you learn a lot of new things that can help in the area where you serve. Saturday and Sunday we stayed pretty busy and it finally hit us both sunday night that my trainer and companion was going home and I would have a new companion on tuesday!  I am so grateful I get to stay in Chatsworth! I love it and there is a lot of work to do and I am glad to be apart of it. So today my companion is going through things and and getting them ready to pack!  Weird to see it but I am so happy for her to see her family! And she is really excited to go home as well.  Its kind of a bitter-sweet moment I will miss the friendship her and I have she is a great person.  It surprises me how fast 12 weeks has gone since I got here !  Thats why they say enjoy every minute of life! It goes by fast!

 My back and neck are ok. They have been hurting a little the last couple of days but hopefully it will go away! and currently...I am not feeling well! Hopefully I won't get the flu! it has been going around like crazy this last couple of weeks!  I love you lots and miss you! Stay nice and warm!!! I love you Sister Haws

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