Monday, November 12, 2012


Hey Everybody !! NOVEMBER 12th 2012
Well, This week has been crazy busy!!! Which has been great but we have been constantly running from place to place. We seemed to have all the lessons we normally teach in about 2 days and then the other days, I don't know why we were so busy but we were! The weather has finally changed and it feels like fall, kind of. :) still 65 during the days and gets about 55 at night but I have been freezing! Thank Heavens for leaving in Oklahoma so I could handle the heat here but goodness! My blood is so thin now! It makes me laugh when I say its cold and I think of Idaho and its about 50 degrees cooler! We found 2 new people to start teaching and they are both wonderful! They have a desire to learn and that is so important for them to begin to understand because it is not easy to understand something that you haven't lived with your whole life. The one is a 21 year old girl who is really struggling with life and we promised her that the Gospel would help her. And she is so bright! Some of the questions she asked us were so brilliant and she has already learned so much and wants to keep learning. There is as lady in the ward that is having a lot of health problems and she served a mission and so we go over there with her and study with her. She has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and she is a huge help to us and the lessons we prepare for! We really enjoy going over there and meeting with her and this week, we got really lucky and got to spend time with her 3 days this week. She is really having a hard time and the thing that helps her is reading in the Book of Mormon, so we read with her and that cheers her up!
There is a power in the Book of Mormon that is indescribable and I have always known that but I feel it so much more strongly out here when we testify to people that it is true! I love the Book of Mormon and there is so much I learn every day just by reading a few words!
We had an amazing lesson with a former investigator. He started meeting with the missionaries about a year ago but never finished and he is so nice! We called him and got to meet him and talk to him about why the message of the restored gospel is so different from others and it was a powerful lesson! He has read the book of Mormon before but never prayed about it and when we asked him to pray about it, it was really cool to see his reaction and he said " I have never thought about praying about it." It was powerful! He will be a wonderful member of the Church!!
I had the chance to play the Piano yesterday in sacrament meeting. They never have musical numbers, always rest hymns so I told them I could do one if they wanted and of course they jumped at the chance but it was a piece I had just learned since being out here in the mission field so I was a little nervous! But the spirit definitely helped me through it and it was great! I always forget how much I love playing the piano till I don't get to do it as often as I use to so that was fun and it gave us a chance to invite all the people we have met but that aren't interested in learning but we have developed friendships with them to come! There is one lady, she is the sweetest person in the world! and she showed up with flowers but she couldn't stay but that was just so sweet of her to do that! There are some amazing people here in Chatsworth! The ward is wonderful and so many amazing people are members of it! There has been 2 less-active members coming back to church which has been so fun to see them return and enjoy it!
We went on splits yesterday, (which is taking a ward member with us to tract or contact referrals) and we met a guy that keep calling the angel Moroni, Macaroni. It was really hard not to laugh because we think he was being serious but he was a great guy and fun to talk to! We have another crazy busy week ahead as I have SO much still to learn before my trainer leaves for home in 2 Weeks!!! I never thought it would be here but it is and I have learned so much but still got so much more to learn!!! But with the Lord's help, it will happen!! I hope all is well! I love you and miss you all!!! Thanks for all the love and support!
There is a talk by Elder Ucdorf from this last conference. I believe the Saturday morning session. You should read it! It is beautiful and I loved it! Thanks so much for everything! I love you lots and miss you tons but am so happy to be out here. Everyday is hard but I love it. love you lots Sister Haws

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