Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday September 9th 2012

All this week since Kaeley flew out to California I have been just  so anxious to hear from her on her next P-day to know what town she is serving in, who her new companion is, how she is doing and all that stuff a mom wants to know and the wait has been LOONNGGG !!!  
   After I got out of church today I recieved a phone call on my cell phone from a number I did not recognize so I answered it and there was a sweet voice on the other end that said, " Hello Sister Haws, my name is Sister Ruston and I am calling to tell you that your daughter is doing well and is happy and give you a report on her and tell you our ward is going to take good care of her."   I was a little surprised by this call.  She continued on to tell me that Kaeley was in their ward today and bore her testimony and seemed like such a nice young lady.  When she was visiting with Kaeley after church she asked her how long she had been out, when Kaeley replied only 5 days this nice lady asked her if her mother knew where she was ???  hahahaha. I thought that was pretty cute.   So Kaeley told her that she had not had a p-day yet to write to us and let us know where she was, so Sister Ruston told Kaeley to give her our phone number and she was going to call us and tell us where she was because she had sent her sons out on missions and knew how important it was for parents to know where their Missionaries are serving as soon as possible !!  She told Kaeley that she would call because she is "legal" to do that, Kaeley is not !!  That was funny too :)  It was good to hear where she is and that all is well and she is loving it there.  Kaeley is living in the town of Chatsworth and the ward she will attend is in Northridge.  We should get an e-mail possibly tomorrow with more information from Kaeley.  

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