Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello!                                                                       February 18th 2013

I can't believe that February is almost over! Crazy! It was just the start of a new year. And you know what is even more crazy. I have 1 year left....strangest  feeling ever. I don't like it.  I might just rebel and stay a missionary forever and ever! I am still working out the details! :) I love missionary work so much and the change that has occurred not only in me but the people that I am around and how the Gospel and the Savior help them.

   This last week just seemed to fly by! We had exchanges on Tuesday where another sister came to my area and my companion went to the other area for 24 hours and it is such an amazing learning experience! I learned so much and am so grateful for that chance.  We also had a wonderful training that was just for Sister Missionaries on Valentine's Day that was amazing! Our mission President's wife had taken the scripture, Moroni 7:45 and broke it down for us what Charity really was and how to get it. It was amazing! We spent literally 6 hours on 1 scripture and the insights were amazing! It was really cool to see how the pure love of Christ can make us whole and help us to help others in the quest of finding the truth and who they are to God.

 We were finally able to get one of the less-actives we have been working with to commit to church! That has been his hardest thing for some reason but he is finally going to come! We didn't have a lot of luck with our new investigators this week but we had a lot of great potentials that we came into contact with! We had a couple of our investigators come to a Baptism though which was really exciting and just neat! The Spirit is so strong at Baptisms and is a wonderful chance to remember the Covenants we have made with our Father in Heaven.

  In my studies this morning, I was reading Alma 37! It is a great chapter and the one versus that really stuck out was Alma 37:6. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." That verse has so much power and meaning. My first thought was about the Book of Mormon. It is an amazing book of Scripture and has an amazing power within it. Yet it confuses people all the time. I realized that Heavenly Father is so simple in the ways he brings people to the Gospel. The Book of Mormon for him was such a small and simple thing to bring to pass yet it has been a great means of helping people and giving us direction! It was just a really neat thought this morning and I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost. He is our greatest teacher! I hope all is well! I love you all! The Church is true!! Sister Haws

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