Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello,                                                                                                              February 25th 2013
    Well, the end of February is near. And that just seems crazy weird. We just started the new  year and now, as companion put it, only 10 months till Christmas today! I told her not to say that! That is wasn't right! :)
  Monday night, we were able to give some service by helping someone make flowers out of fondant for a wedding that is coming up in the ward and we made roses! They were so fun to make and a neat service chance for us. Tuesday was fairly busy with finding time and we found a new investigator through door knocking and he seems like he could be pretty solid. He is super open and really friendly and going through a hard time. I think he knows he needs something and we have that "something" he needs. We also had a follow-up training this last week for all the new missionaries and their trainers. That was really good to go to and we were able to see the progress on both ends and learned a lot more. MIRACLE of the WEEK! The less-active that we have been working with for about 5 months FINALLY came to church yesterday! It was so good to see him there and to see him light up and enjoy it. He has really struggled with coming  and so to see him exercise his Faith in Christ and come was just a miracle and so cool!!! We also had an investigator come to church and she really enjoyed it! That was definitely another miracle. That has been kind of the theme of our mission is miracles. To look for them and to see the hand of the Lord and allow the Spirit to direct us to where we need to be. It has been really cool to see how the spirit directs us and helps us to find people that are prepared to hear the Gospel. We found an amazing street where we found 7 potential investigators in a matter of 45 minutes. That was so cool!
   We received 28 new missionaries this past week with transfers and some of them are visa waiters for South America but it brought our numbers up to 205! They opened 13 new areas and our mission is growing! It is so cool to see that the Lord's work is moving forward and moving fast! I recently read in Alma 39 and the last couple of verses, 17-19 talks about how important it is to make this Gospel and the Plan of Salvation known to the people of the earth. When we were teaching one of our investigators on Saturday, we taught the plan of Salvation, and it was completely new to her and the information gave her the hope she needed. Sometimes I forget how blessed we are to have the knowledge that we have but with that comes a responsibility to share it with those who don't have it. And reading that scripture in Alma helped to increase my understanding. Missionary Work is amazing and so neat to see how the Lord works and prepares people to receive the Gospel. The testimonies we share are never wasted and with fast and testimony meeting coming up, we can't let fear stop us from sharing because someone needs our testimony and that someone might just be us! I know that the Lord truly works through us to bring others closer to him and in the process, we grow closer as well. We truly are in the service of God when we serve others. A testimony is a form of service. So I challenge you to think about sharing your testimony this Sunday and to truly see the Lord work through you for someone else. Trust in the Spirit and he will direct you! I love this Gospel and know that this is Christ's True Church! It is TRUE !   Love,   Sister Haws

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