Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey,                                                          February 4th 2013
 Well it's February...Already! It was just January! Crazy how fast time flies when you are having fun! This week has been really good. It has been slow when it comes to finding people to teach but it has been busy! My love for the mission has just exploded in just the last week and I love it so so much! AND!! It's warm again! Yay! I love this weather. 75 degrees! PERFECT. Sorry to all those still in colder climates. I will try to enjoy some for you! :)

 We had a lot of finding time and we ran into some amazing potential investigators and I know that it is just a matter of time! The hearts of the people are truly being prepared and it's cool to see the hand of the Lord in their life even if they don't. We were door knocking and ran into a couple of amazing people. The first was a lady who has such strong faith and a deep love for her family and she is one that is pretty interested in reading the Book of Mormon. We meet another man who was older and he was a scientist and he is working on developing an artificial pancreas for people with diabetes so it was really cool to just talk to him and we were able to leave a Family Proclamation and a Book of Mormon with him so that was really cool. We were also able to have a wonderful lesson with a less-active who is really struggling with coming back to church. We went to the Church and into the Chapel and were just able to sit there and feel the peace and love and the spirit was so strong. It was a neat experience not just for them but for me as well. I have never really just sat down and felt what is there in the Chapel and that was really cool to feel how peaceful it was.
  We also had the chance to help someone move on Saturday who wasn't a member but good friends with some members and that was a great experience to get to know them and truly see how the Lord is preparing them to one day hear the Gospel. We were a little sore the next day but probably not near as sore as the Elders who helped us. (We let them carry all the heavy stuff.) :)

    The same lady who hadn't been to Church in 40 years is still coming to church and really making all the necessary changes she needs to make to bring her life in closer harmony with the Lord's teaching and it is so cool and rewarding to see her progress and the Miracles that have been happening. That is truly what it is. Miracles each day and I love seeing the Lord's hand over the work. Even this Morning when we were grocery shopping, a lady stopped us and asked if we went to the Mormon Church and we said yes and she said she didn't know that there was a Church right in our area and was so excited to be able to come back to Church! It was really cool. I love being a missionary. Sometimes I can't believe I am on a mission and serving the Lord and it makes me that much more grateful to be here! I love the people and getting to serve them and share the message of Jesus Christ. It truly is "a marvelous work and a wonder!"
   Well we are headed up the "rock." The only place in our mission that you can see the Ocean from! It's beautiful! Pictures definitely to come!

Love you all! Sister Haws

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