Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hey!!                                                                                   March 11th 2013
    It sounds like a lot of tiny miracles are happening back at home and that is great! Miracles are the best because they testify that Heavenly Father is watching out for us. We have had a lot of tiny Miracles this week. We haven't found a lot of people to teach in our area but we are finding other people that are prepared that live in a different area other than others. We have great lessons with them and they are really ready to receive the Restored Gospel. We did find one new investigator this week. He has been through so so much in his life and he seems like he is searching for something more. His dad is a member and actually was the one to refer him to us. I really hope we can help him and that he will keep being open to listening to us. He definitely needs the Gospel.

    We were also able to give some service to members in a ward that are older and can't do a whole lot around their house anymore. That was a lot of fun to do that. Service just always makes you feel good. We also finished teaching one of our less-actives who has come back to Church and we just invited her to work towards going through the Temple! She is so excited to start Temple Prep class and really has a desire to go. It was kind of sad to leave that night after the lesson just because she was one of the very first people that we started teaching when I was here. But she is doing so great and truly loving the Gospel!  Another miracle was on Sunday. We didn't have any investigators at church but we did have 4 of the less-actives we had been working with at church and that was a great things to see! They are all doing so well. They are struggling with trials in their life but are truly learning how to rely on the Lord even more so to help them through it.

  We also received a referral for a man who loves God so much and is so open to the Gospel, along with his wife and children. They aren't in our area but we are teaching them tonight with the Elders and I am so excited for that family. They truly have been prepared to hear and accept the Gospel. We have had a lot of dinners with members this week and that is always great to get to know them and just love them and be around them. The members in the ward and so wonderful and truly care about those around them.  I am still reading in the war chapters in Alma but now it introduces the 2,000 stripling warriors! I love how they describe them as "Men of truth."  They truly walked with God and knew that he would take care of them if they stayed true to the Covenants. I was thinking about this this morning and I realized the same principle applies to us. As we keep our covenants, we truly have the Lord's protection from the Adversary's power. It was a very comforting thought.  And also that as we keep our covenants, we are set free from sin and the weight and guilt that comes from sin. We are truly free. I just love the Gospel and how intertwined everything is. The plan is perfect because of the Savior and the plan was made by a Perfect Father in Heaven.  It is just simple and amazing. It is simply amazing!    Thanks for all the love and support!     Sister Haws

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