Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey!                                                                                                                                        June 17th 2013

   Today has been a little crazy but it is good. This whole week has been crazy and it seems that it is only going to get crazier!  Monday night at around 5 we got a phone call from our mission president to inform us that I was going to get a new companion on Wednesday instead of waiting till the next transfers.  That changed our plans for the whole week because we thought I was going to be in a trio and moving in with them and we had scheduled everything so we could cover 2 areas for the week.  So we changed plans again !  But, something that was a huge blessing was that I was able to go to the Los Angeles Temple twice this week.  We had our regular day on Tuesday but Our President wanted us to stay overnight in Santa Clarita and then I would get my new companion on Wednesday.  So I was able to go with our Mission President and take my old companion, Sister Fialho, to the airport and see her off! It was sad to see her go but I was so happy to be able to be with her till the last minute! I miss her so so much! She is one of a kind and I am so blessed to have served with her.  So after we had gone to the  Temple, I received my new companion,  Sister Dryeng,  and she has been serving in my first area in Chatsworth ironically enough!  So she is the new sister training leader with me and it has been good!

I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say it was different but it is a good different. Sometimes it can just be hard for a while to adjust to a different companion and our different personalities.  She is amazing though and she is going to be great as a sister training leader with me .  AND …………so for the big news….....YES,  I will be serving in the new Bakersfield California Mission.  My companion and I will be the English sister training leaders for the whole Bakersfield Mission when it starts on July 1st!  That is VERY exciting and scary all at the same time.  But this is history in the making and I am so grateful the Lord has trusted us to help the sisters from the beginning in this new mission.

   It has been a very busy week and we have seen a lot of miracles. One of the best miracles was an investigator that we have really been struggling to get him to church and help him to know that God really is there. Well, We finally, FINALLY got him to commit to church and he came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It was so cool and we know that he received some sort of answer! And he prayed with us as well which was a huge progression for him! That was so cool! And we had a family that we found on Saturday that came to church as well! They were really neat and we feel that they are ready and we are really praying for them!

    Transfer meeting is this week and we get to go as the sister training leaders which will be awesome but most of the mission will be there.  This is going to be a big big transfer and shakeup with the mission split happening and a lot of missionaries are nervous and some having a hard time but it is all up to the Lord who will be going where! The Lord truly is in charge.

   Being able to go to the temple twice was a huge blessing from Heavenly Father and I really needed it! That strength that comes from the temple is amazing and I just love the peace there! I love the Holy Ghost. I have never been so grateful for the comfort and the guidance of the Spirit than I have been in this last transfer! It is truly one of the greatest gifts that Heavenly Father can give us and the greatest gift we can give to him is to be worthy of that spirit!!

Well, I better go, lots to do today,  but I love you all and thanks for everything!  And a Big CONGRATS to Rachel and Austin for going through the temple!  That is amazing!!!  Love you Sister Haws

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