Monday, June 10, 2013

New letter and pictures June 10th 2013

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This is the big fire she can see that is near Lancaster. She says they go out and the car is covered with ashes and so are they after being outside for a while. 
Hello!!!                                                                                                                       June 10 2013

This week has been super busy but so fun!!! This was the first week that my companion and I didn't have exchanges so we were able to work in our area and get a lot accomplished.  And, this was the first official Mission Leadership Council that we had! It was so neat to be able to be there and to receive training that will help us to train the Sisters that we are over but also to help in our area and help our investigators progress as well. We also had a very busy day with a lot of appointments!  AND the coolest thing ever! There was a former investigator that we contacted within the first couple of weeks being here and she wanted to learn more.  We never could get with her to meet until this last week. The first time we talked to her she had an issue with the Book of Mormon but this last time, we taught the restoration and invited her to read and pray to know the Book of Mormon was true and she said she would! It was so cool to see how the Lord had prepared her to hear the message and we then knew why it had taken so long to meet with her! That was such a testimony to me that things happen at the right time and only the Lord knows and we must trust in his timing.

 We also had the wonderful chance to help our Zone Leaders train in our Zone training meeting on Friday! They asked us to train on our purpose as a missionary and talking with everyone! It was so cool to be able to put it together and then to teach with my companion! We had a great time. Our mission President and his wife talked a lot about the fact that we need to be on our purpose with URGENCY because it is only the Gospel that can change the World and change people's lives.  Nothing else can. And we are the only true church and we must share it with everyone! They also talked about being a Missionary on Purpose, not by accident. That we can't just accidentally wake up one more and be a missionary. We have to choose to be a Missionary and do it on purpose. It was really neat and a lot of things really hit me pretty hard on just things that I need to improve on and re-delicate myself to the Lord and His work.

 We also had an interesting lesson with a couple of Baptists! They were very nice but all they wanted to do was tell us where we were wrong in our doctrine and stuff like that. So basically bible bashing. But hey, they have a Book of Mormon and you never know what the Lord will do. My companion leaves this week to go back to Temple Square and it is really sad and happy all at the same time. I am going to miss her so much! These have been some of the best transfers and I just love her so much!!! Transfer meeting isn't until June 18th so I will be in a trio for a week and then get my new companion. So much change in a week. It can be scary but we had a lesson in Relief Society yesterday about the Lord's will, not ours. I keep telling my companion I am going to kidnap her and just pretend that she got on the plane. It makes me feel better....or maybe I am still in denial, who knows! But it will be exciting to see what the Lord has planned!

Thanks for all the love and support and letters and emails! They make the day bright! I love you so much! Sister Haws

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