Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello!!!                                                                                                                                  July 8th 2013

  This week has been one of the most packed and filled with miracles I have had! On July 1st, history was made as the new Bakersfield mission officially started! Huge moment in the history of the Church! We had the amazing chance to drive to Bakersfield on Tuesday (Which is sooooo Beautiful by the way, very green!!!!  Especially compared to the desert area where I am at )  for a leadership meeting and to get to meet the new Mission President Wilson and his wife! They are absolutely amazing! They have an incredible love for the Gospel and love to work with young people. So a mission is perfect for them ! It was fun to get to meet the other missionaries from the Ventura Mission! There are 75 missionaries from both missions that create the new Bakersfield mission and we were able to meet the zone leaders of the other mission and talk about things that would be implemented from both missions to create the standards for the Bakersfield mission! It is so neat to see the work progressing and moving forward and this next transfer, it looks like we are getting about 53 new missionaries!  The very first transfer in Bakersfield! Crazy but so exciting and I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time in the history of the church! It is so cool to be a part of the miracles and soooo many more miracles are happening!!

   We also had so many miracles with some of our investigators and finding people to teach! We found 5 new investigators this week AND we had a Surprise Baptism come up on Saturday. We had been teaching an 8 year old girl who was already planning on getting baptized on July 6th. But she turned 9 on July 2nd. and after they turn 9 they have to go through the missionaries! so we had that which was so neat to see and be a part of! She is an amazing girl and so smart when it comes to the Gospel!

  We also were able to have a wonderful lesson with the part-member family we are teaching on Saturday and we committed them to come to church and THEY CAME!!!!!!!  all 7 of them and that was such a huge miracle and blessing to have them there!!! We were so excited to see them and we can't wait for them to someday go to the temple and be an eternal family! We just can feel that they are so ready and just need that push to come and to find out the truth! We also had 2 less-actives come to church that haven't been in a long time so that was really neat to see! We also meet with another part-member family last night that she hasn't been to church in 25 years and she is coming this next Sunday! She has had a rough life and has 3 kids with handicaps and the gospel is going to help her sooooo much! We love her a lot and are so excited to teach her and get her going again!    We had some disappointments this week just with some of our investigators not calling back or we can't find them so we are hoping they will show up soon! Because we miss them and they were all doing so well! Kind of sad but the Lord is incharge and when they are ready, They will come back!

  We have had 2 exchanges this week and they went well and I got to go on Bike!!!!!! It was the best ever! A little sore but it was totally worth it!  You get to talk to soooo many more people than in car and it is just nice to be outside. It was a little hot that day and it got to me in the afternoon but I loved bik ing so much! We are trying to see if we can get bike for our area for a while to save on some miles but who knows. The mission president likes sisters to be in cars, which is understandable. There are some areas that are questionable but it is nice to know we have the spirit to guide and warn us!

It is an exciting time to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! We have the truth and it is only this Gospel that can and will save the World from complete destruction because it is Christ's Gospel and His Gospel is for everyone! Pray for chances to share your testimony with others and the Gospel with others and I promise the Lord will place in your path those who are ready and need what we have. It can be scary but with the Savior by our side, All is possible!      Sister Haws

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