Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey!                                                                                                     July 1st  2013

 Time is just flying faster and faster. It was just Monday and here it is...Monday again! This last week has been great! It has been HOT but honestly, you don't really notice when you are teaching the Lord's Gospel. Yesterday it was about 110 and it was just,  oh well.  90 is super uncomfortable but once it’s over 100 it is just hot so that has been good and I am actually really enjoying the heat! I know, crazy but  we are just starting so we have to get used to it fast!

   We have seen so much progress with our investigators this week and seen some neat miracles! One of our investigators, the 18 year old, we had a very spiritually powerful lesson with him and we know he felt the spirit but he is kind of hiding from it. Which is sad to see but he isn't giving up on finding out if God is really there or not.   We had another investigator who was struggling to come to church but did come yesterday so that was good to have her there.   There is an older man that we are teaching who is so ready and willing to hear what we say. We invited him to be baptized but he said he needs to know more and he would pray about it! It is amazing to see how the lord prepares people to hear his Gospel and only more and more people are being prepared! This really is the Last days!

 We had a neat experience. A former investigator that we were teaching and that had just disappeared one week, his name popped into my head so we went to visit him and he really needed us right then and was trying to find God and how to be a better person and things so we talked to him and hopefully we will be able to start teaching him again and he is amazing! So ready and so cool to feel how the Lord works through us!

This week, we get to meet with our new mission president,  Brother Wilson and his wife,  and find out who our other sisters are that we will be doing exchanges with! We are super excited to meet him and to be able to work with him and help the mission move forward! It is crazy to start in one mission and end in another but I am so grateful to the Lord for him trusting me to put me in this calling and for him helping me to magnify it the best I can! We had one exchange this week that was really good and have a couple more this week and at least 2 every week for the rest of the transfer!   I love exchanges and being able to train and learn from the amazing sisters! They are so amazing and love the Lord so much and are doing their very best!

 My companion is amazing! I love her so much! Sister Dyreng has an amazing desire to serve the Lord and she works hard so we get a lot done which is wonderful!  Her and I get along very well and I have learned so much from her already and it's only been 2 weeks. She has an amazing talent of talking to people and that has been helping me to branch out even more to talk to people!  She is great!  She has really been helping me to focus on the Savior and testify more of him which is exactly what I needed!

I had kind of a shocker the other day. I was thinking about the beginning of my mission and where I had been thus far and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I don't have very much time left. It was quite disturbing honestly.  I couldn't believe it and how fast it had gone!  It just made me grateful to be out here serving the Lord and helping to move His work forward. I am so grateful for the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It really is one of the greatest gifts possible and just brings so much peace and comfort! I love the Gospel and we are so blessed to have what we have and to know our purpose in this life! Don't forget to share your testimony with someone this week....or in fast and testimony meeting :)!  It is a wonderful chance to bless someone else as well as strengthen your own! I love you so much and miss you!!!  Sister Haws

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