Monday, August 12, 2013

AUGUST 12th 2013 Kaeley's new letter

Tigers, bears...and TRANSFERS!   Oh my !!                                                                                
    Another transfer down and not very many to go. Transfers are always an exciting time but also very nerve wracking and sometimes difficult just because of all the changes that take place. And this new transfer is nothing short of changes. I have a wonderful new companion. Her name is Sister Baliar and she is from the Philippines! She has been out 13 months and she is so Christ-like and has this amazing passion for the Gospel and her testimony is so powerful! I love her a lot already. She is now a new sister training leader with me here in the valley and we have stewardship over 4 companions of sisters. In our Zone, last transfer, we had 4 sisters and now we have 11 in the same zone! Some day we will outnumber the Elders! haha. But it has been great.
  We haven't started exchanges yet but next week we start and we are really excited! We love the sisters already so very much.   We have had an amazing week with many miracles. We have 2 investigators with a baptismal dates  and they are both doing well especially one of them.  He is the one I keep mentioning that we met when we first got here and then he disappeared but now he is back and really committed this time and it is so cool to see the difference in him! He is so excited to get baptized and we took him to a baptism yesterday afternoon and it was really neat to see him just all excited to be there and he really wants to know the truth.
  They say that in each of your areas there is a person you are there for and it is so true. I am still here because of him. He has a very special place in my heart and just picturing him dressed in white and being baptized just brings tears of joy to my eyes. It really is all about the people. I love them so much and they are the ones that make the area great! And our other baptismal date is doing well. He was kind of struggling in understanding why we needed to be baptized but we helped resolve some concerns and that was really good to see him change from being sad to being happy.
  The ward we serve in is amazing! They are so spiritual and really have a desire to do missionary work and we love being around them.
   We had kind of a scary experience, Sister Baliar almost got attacked by a pit bull dog.  Where we serve there is a lot of them around and this one was one of our investigators dog. She told us that she was still training it not to jump so we thought she meant like jumping happy and excited cute little doggy jumping.  NOPE.  She meant like killer attack dog jumping.  Wish she would have told us that before.  But,  there was definitely angels protecting her  and I said after, "welcome to your new area." haha. It was kind of scary but she is okay and nothing bad happened Thank Heavens. We definitely have the Lord's Protection
  Our other investigators are doing very well. They are progressing slowly but they are progressing and that is what matters. I think one of my favorite things about being a missionary is you get to feel a little of that love that Heavenly Father has for his children and to see how he views them. It is an amazing feeling. I am so grateful for the chance to serve! This Gospel changes people's lives when they really apply the teachings. It is a Gospel of Change and of peace and joy and we have witnesses that truly with our investigators that are coming closer to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is everything to us and especially to me. He is my true friend and I am grateful for his Sacrifice for me.
*** BIG SHOUT OUT  to my cousin Austin who leaves for His mission this week to Raleigh North Carolina !!!! You are going to be amazing!!!!   Love you lots and I am proud of you that you are going !!!      
Thanks for all the love and support! Sister Haws

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