Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello!!!                                                                                             August 5th 2013

     This week was really good and fun!  We have transfers this Tuesday and my companion is getting transferred  :( Kind of sad news and something we weren't expecting but the Lord needs her somewhere else to bless people's lives!  So I will get a new companion this Tuesday which can be kind of nerve wracking but you have to really trust in the Lord and this is His will.  It is exciting as well but, just the unknown is hard. You really learn to trust the Lord on the Mission because it is all up to Him and you just go with the flow.

    We have seen even more miracles this week. Our investigators are all doing really well. There are some that are just completely changing their lives around and it is amazing to see the difference the Gospel makes. They are just changing on their own and really seeing the blessing from living the Gospel. We found 4 new investigators this last week that are really great. We have one girl that is dating a man in a different ward but wants sisters to teach her so we are teaching her and she is amazing and really wants to know the truth. We love her a lot.

   Our investigator with the baptismal date is doing well and is so excited to get baptized. One of our members gave him a mini Book of Mormon and he carries it with him everywhere!!

 We had 3 investigators at church and 1 of them finally came after 2 months!!!  That was so exciting to see him there and he seems to enjoy it. The other investigator that came was the investigator that we found when we first got here and then he just disappeared but now he is back and seems to be ready this time to make the changes. I hope so because I love and care about him so much!! It is amazing how much you come to love people and how much you grow to care about them as your serve them.

  It has been really nice this last week weather wise. Not too hot at all. It has been surprising how cool it has been here. I was expecting it to be hotter than this but I am not complaining!! It has made being outside nice and easier to work.

  We had dinner with a Hispanic family on Saturday and they had a fiesta! It was a lot of fun and our whole district was there and it was fun to spend a little time with them before our district is split. A lot of people are getting transferred out but it will be fun to meet missionaries that came from the other mission! There is a lot of changes happening as the new mission is getting up and running but it is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in the Work and see how he is guiding everyone.

 I love being a missionary especially at this time. It is just so cool to be apart of the world wide change and see all the missionaries going out. This Gospel is real and changes people's lives! Each and every day. Thank you for all the support! I love you so much and miss you lots!!! Sister Haws

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