Monday, September 23, 2013


President and Sister Wilson with Kaeley


     Well, I was right. (I normally am) haha totally kidding. But I was right about coming to Bishop, California. One of the furthest north places of our mission and also in the mountains...with snow.  Didn't expect that to happen in California. But the City of Bishop is so cute! So small and reminds me a lot of Jackson Hole just the old, rustic look. It is very small here. Everyone knows who everyone is, especially the Mormons. :) We are well known in this area but everyone so far has been so nice. We get nice rejections which I will take any day over mean ones. I never realized how upset I get when someone walks away from the gospel till about a year into my mission. Something I am learning to control! :)

   I received 2 new sisters straight from the MTC. And let me just say, they are simply amazing, Seriously.  They have been so prepared and are so willing to learn and work hard and want to share the Gospel with everyone. It has been so impressive to me and I am so humbled to be called as their trainer.

  So they split the area up here and we sisters have the actually town of Bishop and the Elders cover all the little towns around it. There were sisters here about 2 years ago and now we are back and there is A LOT of work to be done especially within the ward. There are around 300 members and only about 50 or 60 come to church on Sundays. It was honestly, kind of discouraging to hear those kind of numbers but also very empowering to know that there are a lot of people to bring back into the Church. I will be honest for about a sentence; when we first got up here, I was very overwhelmed and scared out of my mind, because I have no idea what I am doing. But then I had the thought I am not in this by myself. I know the Lord has asked us to be here and he will provide a way to accomplish the work he has in store. I am so grateful for the chance to serve. I am still trying to recover from the chance in literally everything. But I did ask for a change and got it! :) Be careful what you ask for! Heavenly Father likes to grant it when it will make you grow and trust in the Lord.

   There was stake conference this weekend so we haven't met a lot of the members yet but the ones we have met are awesome! They have great testimonies and I know that we will be able to help this ward grow and to find those that are ready for the Gospel. I am so grateful for prayer, especially this week. If it weren't for prayer and comfort, I don't really know what kind of shape I would be in. I am so grateful that we have the fullness of the gospel and have the knowledge that we have. I love my Father in Heaven so much and am so grateful for it. Thanks for all the love and support! All my love, Sister Haws

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