Monday, November 11, 2013


Hello!                                                                                                                                                                    November 11th 2013

     I always try to think of something clever to start my emails with, and normally it is fail big time,  and today was no exception.  I just literally sat here for 5 minutes trying to figure it out, which I guess was a good thing because I now just had something to start me email out…..  yep and I did say me. :)

   This week has been pretty good. The first half of the week we still tried to stay inside to let my companion rest her knees but we got the results back from the MRI and we know about just as much as before except for more medical terms that none of us can pronounce. We know that there is a tear in something and that is it swollen (which we probably could of diagnosed ourselves just by looking at it,) but we have an appointment with a specialist in a couple of weeks, which stinks because it is so far out and she has to suffer with it until then, but patience is required.  But we have decided that her knee hurts anyway so we may as well go out and work as much as possible and as long as her knees can take it. Which we don't know if that is the best but we don't really have the option as missionaries to just sit inside and especially in this area. There is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much work to be done and we have already been down for about 2 weeks. But we are still trying to let her take it easy and resting as much as we can but working as hard as we can.  We are being so blessed even though we were inside for 2 weeks. The Lord was preparing people and their hearts and we have seen some of those miracles already.

     There was a couple of Less-actives that we visited this weekend and we hadn't seen them for about 4 weeks and we felt bad but we decided after seeing them again that is was a good we waited so long,  because they really missed us and they needed to feel the difference in the spirit.  They even brought up coming to church which is a step closer than before.  It is amazing how the Lord prepares people's hearts.  It can take years or just months.  I truly have come to know that the Lord knows His children one by one and he watches over them and blesses them one by one. I just found out that 2 of the investigators that we were teaching in my last area are getting baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    1 of them actually just got baptized the end of October and the other the end of this month,  both of which we didn't know how long it would take. We knew that they would but it is amazing to see how the Lord prepared them and they have changed their lives and are so happy! I love the Gospel so much! It changes lives every day.

    Sunday was a very busy day for us. I was asked to play the organ in Sacrament meeting and it was so much fun! I love playing the Organ and grateful that I know how to play. Then we taught the youth Sunday school group and taught on how to find answers to our own gospel questions and it went very well and then we also had the wonderful chance to teach Relief Society. We taught about "Loving God more than we love the world." It ended up being a very good lesson, or at least we think so! :) But it was a good reminder for me to remember why I am out here serving. Because I love God and My savior more than anything. Every morning I say that to myself and it seems to help me make good decisions and to stay faithful and diligent. The Gospel truly is TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing better and nothing else will lead us through the darkest of times!

      Now, this may come as a shocker to some of you that know me well. I use to be very quiet, and shy, and not a big people person. A lot of that has a lot.! :)  Anywho, the senior couple missionaries up here are putting together a Christmas program for the community and helping to unite the ward and bring people into our church so they can feel the spirit and see that it is a normal building. The program requires singing with a microphone and a couple of the numbers require dancing and singing. (Don't worry we have permission from the mission president to be in it.) And guess who is in the program....yep me!!!! Now,  if that had happened before my mission, well, we all know that it would of never happened but now, I am having so much fun with it!!! We have practice a couple of times a week and they are going well! We are so excited to be in it and doing it. I never thought I would be on a stage with a microphone, singing, AND DANCING!!!! I won't even sing in the shower to myself but I love who I am becoming. I still have a long way to go but I am becoming the person I always wanted to be and it is because of the Atonement of my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is real and his power is real. I love the Gospel so much and am grateful to be out here!!!!. I love you all!!! Love, Sister Haws

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