Monday, November 25, 2013


Kaeley has her release date, it is March 5th 2014 ! We are getting excited to see her in about 3 months !! 

She looks like a stern mother ready to scold her unruly children !  
Enjoying the first snow fall in Bishop Cal.
below: she had to scrap snow off the car for the first time on her mission
guess it is good practice for when she gets home !!

HAPPY  ALMOST THANKSGIVING  DAY !                                                                                                                November 25th 2013      

    I can't believe it this month is almost over! I feel like this month pasted by faster than any other month. But is sure has been a good month. That is probably why!

   We had another really good week. Very busy. On Tuesday, we decided to show up to one of the members home and offer to do some service for them. They are an older couple who have done so much for us since we have gotten here and we wanted to repay them so we spent about 2 hours helping them clean their kitchen and windows. It was a lot of fun. My companions ended up cleaning the front door and then they starting hollering, came running inside and asked for bug killer. Apparently they moved a cobweb and a lot of spiders came running at them. They were only daddy long legs but it was entertaining listening to them scream.  : )   They said there was about 80. No joke. But it was a lot of fun.  Then we had practice for the upcoming Christmas program that evening and had dinner with a member.  Wednesday, we finally had the appointment with the specialist for my companion's knee.  They said that she needs to do physical therapy for about a month and if that doesn't work, she may need to have surgery.  So keep her in your prayers that therapy works.

   Thursday turned really cold up here and on Friday we got snow!!!  It was beautiful to see but it melted the next day which I was very okay with.  Walking around in it isn't too fun.  On Saturday, we got to teach our new investigator from last week the Message of the Restoration and it went so well.  We had dinner with them and we really feel she is ready and prepared to know that these things are true.  And we had ribs that day which made it all the better!!  We are seeing so many miracles in this area.  We still have a lot of work to do but the Lord is pouring out blessings!  Which I am so grateful for!  Those tender mercies are what help us to stay motivated and to keep going!  The Atonement of the Savior is real and empowers us to go beyond ourselves and do the work that the Lord needs us to do.  I hope all goes well this week and you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving  day! I am grateful for all of you! :)  Love, Sister Haws

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