Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello to all of Kaeley's loyal blog readers !
  This is a rather bittersweet moment as I write this last post on her blog.  As most of you know she will be released from her service as a Missionary this coming Wednesday March 5th.  We are leaving first thing Monday morning to head to California to pick her up !!  Thus there will be no letter from her this week as she will be busy packing, saying her goodbye's and getting ready to leave very early Tuesday morning from Bishop to be at the Mission office in Bakersfield for her departing testimony meeting. 
   The bittersweetness comes into play as I am lamenting not being able to read her wonderful letters I looked so forward to that came each Monday and also knowing that she is also feeling the sorrow of leaving this time in her life that has brought her so much happiness and having so many mixed emotions.  But, also my heart leaping for joy that we are going to get to see her on Tuesday and hug her and hug her some more !  We sure have missed her these last 18 months and will be so glad to have her home for a while with us to brighten our home with her happy cute face : ) !!  
    It has been a great journey for her as she has learned and grown and has shared all those growing moments good, bad, funny and hard with all of us.  She has inspired many of us to live better each day and become closer to our Savior and given us the desire to have the spirit of Missionary work and share what we know to be true and that brings so much happiness and peace. 
   As her parents we want to SINCERELY THANK all her family and friends for the support and love that you have shown and given her on her mission and over the years of her life.  Whether is has been through financial donations, letters, prayers or just asking how she is doing each act of love has been felt and appreciated by Kaeley and us.  I know it is so important that these young men and women that are out making such a sacrifice and working so hard to serve others have that support and love, it makes the work they do worth while and more meaningful.  And we know Kaeley has certainly had that support during her mission. 
  Thank you all again !  Mark and JoAnne Haws

She will be reporting her mission Sunday march 9th at 1:00 PM at the Hibbard Church 2029 N 3000 W .    Don't forget it is daylight savings time that Sunday so set your clocks an hour ahead : ) 

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