Monday, January 21, 2013

Kaeley's letter January 21st 2013

Hey,                                                                                                          January 21 2013

Seemed just yesterday that I was here emailing. Days just seem to be flying by. This last week, we stayed pretty busy. We have a lot of members that have been less-actives for years that are starting to come back to church and truly change their lives around. There was one lady that we felt we needed to visit and she was so nice and expressed to us that she had felt that it was time to go back to Church. It is so cool to see the hand of the Lord helping us to find those that are in need of our help. We went to a new missionary training on Tuesday where we learned that there are a lot of changes that will be happening to help us to meet our goals this year! The Mission President is so in tune with the spirit and when we get to see that first hand, it is amazing. We have Zone Conference this week where a lot of those changes will be announced again and implemented.
The 14 year old girl we have been working with is doing well. We are really working with her to get her ready for Baptism and helping her to understand the importance of it. She is praying with us during our lessons and she has prayed to get answers to her questions! She is doing so well and it truly is a miracle from Heavenly Father.

We had a less-active that hasn't been to church in over 40 years decide she needed to come to Relief Society, because "something" just insisted she get out of bed that morning. MIRACLE. That is one of the things that our mission president is truly emphasizing is developing our faith to find. Because teaching doesn't happen till we have someone to teach and we have to increase our faith so that the Lord can work miracles in our area so that we can find people to teach and we are really starting to see that. We had an opportunity to serve a young lady who just moved out here from the East Coast for school that was dragging a small fridge up the sidewalk by herself. We were able to help her and talk to her for a minute and hopefully we will be able to start to teach her as well. The Lord provides little tender mercies when we need them the most to just keep going.

We also ran into this guy while door contacting that was so nice. He wouldn't really tell us what his religion was but he was very nice and just kept saying, "We all hope there is something after this life." He didn't really want us to teach him but we left the Plan of Salvation for him and I pray that he will read it and find the answers he is looking for. It is truly amazing the questions that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can answer. That is something that I am really starting to notice is how much peace and joy we have from the knowledge we have and the answers that we have received. It makes me so sad to see people reject the Gospel before they even know what it can do for them. We had a wonderful religious conversation with a family who I absolutely love. They don't really want to learn right now but we have developed a friendship and they ask questions and we answer them and just talk. I love them so much and they seriously are one of the best Christian Families I have met since being here. They live their Religion to its fullest and that is so important. It amazes me the difference that it makes in people's lives but it is also a Testimony builder for me personally.
There is a lady in the ward that is a convert to the Church and we had dinner with her on Saturday night and her story was just amazing and it was so cool to see how she has truly embraced the Gospel and just allowed Christ to heal her and help her. She was so motivating to listen to and to know that there are people out there waiting to receive this Gospel. On Sunday we had the chance to go into Young Women's and talk about the age change for Sisters and the benefits of considering and preparing. It was a lot of fun. The Young Women's president had her 2 sisters-in-law come that had just received their mission calls and talk about their experience and then the missionaries who had been out a while. It was a lot of fun reflecting on how I got here and why I am here and helping them to understand the options they now have more fully at their hands. Next Sunday, We are doing a musical number. I am playing the piano and my companion is playing the Violin and our ward mission leader is singing. It will be really fun! I have truly enjoyed how much I have gotten to play out here. I was kind of worried that I wouldn't get to play as much, but the Lord knew that I needed it. It is one way I just relax and He has provided a lot of opportunities to play and I am so grateful for that! I love being out here and serving my Father in Heaven. Thanks so much for all the love and support. I hope those in the family that are sick will be able to get better quickly! I love you all! Sister Haws

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