Monday, January 14, 2013

New letter from "cold" California ??? January 14th 2013

Hey!                                                                                                                                      January 14th 2013

 Well, it has been another COLD, yes I said cold week in California. Now for everyone that lives in Sibera, AKA,  Idaho... I realize you are 10 times colder than here but for California this is cold. It got down to 30 the other night! That never happens! And I have been freezing. I think my blood has thinned a little too much because I just shake and shiver all the time. My new companion even got me in a pair of tights. For those of you that know me well...I hate tights. That’s how cold it's been here.
 Anyway, enough of me complaining! :) This week has been awesome. The Work itself has been rather slow but it is picking up again. My new Companion had that nasty cold this last week. She had it in the MTC but it sparked up again with flying out to California, so we have been trying to get her over that. She is from Salt Lake City, Ut and she is absolutely amazing. She has been so well prepared to serve and missionary work just comes natural to her. She is basically training me.

 I love training. It puts you in a very humble position and you truly rely on the Lord more. I have seen the hand of the Lord helping me and directing me on how to teach and be that good example. It is not easy but it is really fun to see the other side of this. I just remember all the emotions that I went through when I first got here and to see it first hand is kind of weird but cool because I can relate (except I think I was more of an emotional wreck with my trainer than she is.) :) But I truly love it. We have had a lot of Luck in reactivating less-actives. We have started to pray over the Ward list we have and allow the Lord to tell us where to go and who to see. It is amazing to see the Lord directing his work in this area and all over the mission. We went to visit a less-active on Saturday  that received us with open, warm arms and talked to her about coming back to Church and she said that she had been feeling like it was time. Every time that happens it is a testimony to me that the Lord truly is in charge and aware of what we are doing.

We got to teach Relief society on Sunday and that is always a lot of fun. It is so fun to see the area growing the way it has over the last couple of months and to see the changes in people as they bring their lives in closer harmony to the Lord's teachings.

 That little girl that we are still working with said, "You know, I am starting to believe that these things are true." It brought tears to my eyes and I can't wait to see her make that covenant with Heavenly Father. I know she will some day! and soon! She is doing so so well and I just love her. A Lot! We have a new Missionary training meeting this week that will help me to understand even more my role as a trainer. I really do love it. I am so grateful to the Lord for this chance to serve him and I look back on how I even got here and see the Hand of the Lord in Everything I was doing before and how he truly prepared me for a mission without me even knowing!! :) I love my Father in Heaven and am so grateful for his Son and the sacrifice that was made in my behalf so I can change and become better each and every day! Thanks so much for all the love and support and prayers! I can feel it each and every day! 
It was hard to say goodbye to sister Fili but I know I will see her again because she went back to the area that she started out in. She will be great there. I am sorry to hear about all the family injuries but some of them were really funny!!!  Give Everett and his sore thumb a big hug for me and all the other kids too! I miss them lots! I hope everything goes ok with kelley I will be praying for her !!

 Tell dad I can be a whimp if I want! because it is cold here. I have become a native California, but not a valley girl! :) I might invest in some boots and leggings cuz it's cold. I sometimes wonder if something is wrong cuz most of the time I just shiver and shake all the time. even in members homes if it isn't like 80! so strange.
 Our ward mission leader, Brother summers is a wood carver and he makes all these cool things and he made the cute Christmas ornaments for us. I really like it too! they are a neat family and you will love them when you meet them.

 I am grateful to be here with all these changes that are happening and that the Lord trusts me enough to keep me here. Tell Sister Mix hi for me and a hug if you see her sometime soon!
Well better go! Love you lots and thanks for everything! I love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate cake! :) all my love, Sister Haws

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