Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Letter April 8th 2013.

Note from Kaeley's mom:  Sorry it was a day late, I was out of town yesterday !! 

Hey!!                                                                                                                    April 8th 2013
Happy Conference weekend! Wasn't it just amazing?!?! I lOVE hearing the Prophet and Apostles speak! It is so amazing how inspired they are and how much love they have for the members! If I learned anything from conference, it is this...The church is TRUE! and Heavenly Father loves us so so much and everything he does is for our benefit and happiness! My favorite talk was Elder Holland’s! He is just so powerful and you know without a doubt that he knows it is true. I also really enjoyed L. Tom Perry and President Monson’s talk about obedience because obedience really is everything is the Gospel. If we are obedient the Lord cannot and will not hold back blessings from us. and as we are obedient, the spirit grows stronger and stronger and we grow closer to the Lord and the Lord closer to us.

 I really felt that the overall theme is that we must strengthen our testimonies each and every day if we are going to make it through these difficult times that are here and are coming. I have been thinking a lot about that lately, of how truly important it is to make sure we have a strong foundation and truly are converted to the Lord. There will come times that we have to stand for what we know to be right, even if we stand alone. And our testimony and conversion to the Lord will be the one thing that carries us through and gets us to act upon what we know to be right. President Uchdorf's talk was also very inspiring about it is our choice to step into the Light or stay in the darkness. If we are doing those things the Lord has asked us to do, our testimonies will be strengthened and we will stay in the Light. Anyway,  just wanted to share some of my thoughts from conference.
This week has been great! It went really fast but we had a lot of miracles. On Wednesday, we had a lot of finding time and there was certain areas we felt pretty strongly about tracting and finding in so we were walking around and found a lady that was sitting out front of her house just staring at the ground. We told her we were missionaries and she wanted to know about our church and where it was. They had just moved there and she was having a hard time in her life and we left her a little pamphlet to read and we went over to talk to her neighbor who was outside and when we had turned back around, she was almost done with what we had given her!  So, we left her a Book of Mormon and promised she would find a lot of comfort through reading it. It was so cool to see how the Lord truly prepares people to hear the Gospel. 
Later that day we went door knocking and we talked to a young man who was really interested in Family History Work. We knocked on another door and a lady opened the door and said I have been looking for a new church to come to! Can I come to yours! So that was really neat! And she is hopefully coming this week! But the greatest miracle was we tried a house that we felt pretty strongly about and a man opened the door, we asked if we could share a message of Christ and he said I don't believe but my wife does. So his wife came to the door and we said the same thing but added that families can be together forever. She looked at us and said that's strange. And she said I just lost my sister on Easter Sunday and my mom 8 months before this and she started crying! We were able to leave her a movie about families and say a pray for her and she said I will definitely have you back over after the Funeral. It truly was a neat experience to feel the Spirit working through us and to see how much Heavenly Father knows His children and in their time of needs, he will always send someone to help and comfort them. It was a huge testimony builder for me and to see how the Lord really does work through his servants.
This truly is the Work of the Lord and it is moving forward in haste! The number of missionaries has increased and is increasing and this is the last days. It really is! Helaman 5:12 The Savior is the rock of our salvation and when we build on him, we cannot fall. I Know the Church is true and that the Savior knows us and can help us to overcome the trials and hardships we face! He truly is the Savior of the World and Our Savior. I love the Lord and I love His work! Congrats to my cousin, Austin Brasier who just received his mission call to Raleigh South Carolina !!!!  Soooo exciting and I am so happy for you!  I am just going to have you all use the mission office  address because with the changes that are happening in our mission it is just easier. Maybe after that I will let you know but just use that. The zone leaders normally go up there quite a bit so it will come pretty fast.  The wind here is CRAZY WINDY!!!! I feel that I am going to blow away. It’s worse than rexburg :) It might be 80 miles tonight! ahhhh. So if I end up back in Idaho tonight you will know why, the wind just carried me home.  I might  have go and find a straight skirt because ALL of mine are flowing and they are going over my head. It’s pretty entertaining. haha 
Hope you all have a wonderful week, Thank you for all your support and love and prayers! I love you,  Sister Haws

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