Monday, April 22, 2013

New letter from the California Girl April 22nd 2013

Don't forget it is her Birthday on the 30th, get your cards and birthday wishes sent out early this week so the mission office can get them to her on time !!  Thanks
Another sunny week in California!                                                                                           APRIL 22 2013

  This last week’s weather has been wonderful! Most days about 90 degrees which is wonderful! I know that sounds crazy but its California! 90 is cool for Cali! This week has been interesting and fun ! Lots of finding time and lots of wonderful people that we have met.  A lot of them aren't quite ready to hear the Gospel but they are definitely being prepared.
We had a lesson with the young man who has a baptismal date that went well and he seems to really enjoy what is being shared. He didn't come to church yesterday which was really sad and we might have to push his date back but that is ok. He can be ready, he just has to choose. We also were able to FINALLY get in with an investigator who we had even before we got here! But she made some time and is really open and wants to understand more! She has started to read in the Book of Mormon and keep saying I want to know it is true! We also were able to find 3 new investigators this week. All of which seem to be prepared. It will take some work but that is why it is called Missionary Work! :)   We also went to visit a less-active member. She is amazing! She has had a disease that keeps her body from producing antibodies and so she hasn't been able to leave her house unless it is to the car and then back to her house! She hasn't been able to come to church since December and that has just killed her but she has such strong faith and before she was diagnosed, she was working towards the temple! So the ward set it up so that she could take the class in her home and she is going to go to the temple soon! She was finally able to come to Church yesterday and she was just glowing! They started a new treatment that seems to be working so now she can come out but still has to be careful! She keeps saying, “I know if I go to the temple, I will be healed." Now that is solid, sure faith!   We are also starting to teach an 8 year old girl who’s mom has been inactive for years but because her daughter wants to learn and be baptized, they are both coming back! She is so cute and so smart! It will be fun to teach her.   We are also working with a couple recent converts who are doing amazing! They are so strong already and are planning on going to the temple soon! It has been fun to teach them after they are baptized and see how they are increasing in knowledge and how much the Gospel has become a part of their lives and how they recognize it. It is really neat to see!

   It has been a good week and something that I really am noticing is how important the Spirit is not only in missionary work but in everyday life. We live in an increasingly dark world and the Holy Ghost provides the light so we can see where we are going and keep that eternal perspective! Both my companion and I gave talks yesterday in Sacrament meeting on being member missionaries and it was neat. The spirit was there and we hope it will help them into action. Investigators who meet missionaries through members have an easier time coming into the church. They have that immediate support system and someone to help them through a big change!

  It is great how the Lord is truly hastening his work and how many missionaries are coming out! The gathering of Israel is picking up speed! Thanks for all the love and support! Love you Sister Haws

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