Monday, April 15, 2013

New letter from Sister Haws !! April 15th 2013

Hello!!                                                       April 15 2013                                                                                                                          

    Another week has just flown by! Today is my 8 month mark....So WEIRD! It doesn't even feel like 8 months! But when you are having fun, time flies!
   This week, we seemed to have a lot of meetings. We had Zone Conference with our Mission President and then it was Stake Conference this weekend. Zone Conference was absolutely incredible! So inspired and really helped me personally to understand a few different things that didn't quite make sense yet. We talked a lot about studying for our investigators to help meet their needs and planning out lessons for them and how important it was to have something planned. And also a little bit about how the work is hastening! So many great things are happening as the Lord hastens his work and it is an exciting time to be a missionary.

   Our stake Conference was amazing as well! Elder Whitening of the Seventies was there and the spirit was so strong and simple beautiful testimonies of how the Gospel has been restored! There are amazing things happening in the work of the Lord and it is a privildge to be a part of the Lords work being a Missionary and for member missionaries as well. He talked a lot about how we when just open our homes to our neighbors and friends they will feel the difference and the spirit in our homes. And that our homes can be a living testimony and we don't even have to use words. I really loved that because of how important it is at this time to have strong testimonies and constantly striving to increase them and it starts at the Home. If we have a place where we can find refuge from the World, others will come as well because they can feel the difference.
   We had a lot of small but wonderful miracles this last week. One for me personally, was there was a couple days that I wasn't feeling too well and there came a point that I really felt that I couldn't take another step and I prayed for the strengthen to take another step and I literally felt this strengthen come over me! It was such a neat experience and we were able to find a less-active and talk to him and help him to come unto Christ.

   On Friday, we had an amazing miracle. We had a lesson with an investigator that fell through so we went up to the next street to go finding. We both felt prompted to knock on this one house and we did. We met a guy who seemed surprised that we were there. We found out that he had moved from Texas to here and had talked to missionaries a little bit before and had just lost his Book of Mormon. He was amazed that we had found him and he has a lot of questions that others hadn't been able to answer. We had an amazing lesson with him on Saturday and he came to stake conference with us and he LOVED it! He is finally getting answers that he has been searching for and he is so prepared to receive the Gospel. He has a baptismal date and it is so cool! He is really a miracle and we are so grateful to be able to teach him. We have a lot of wonderful investigators that are ready and the Lord is placing them where we are able to find them. The spirit really does guide and direct us to those that are prepared. It is amazing how it works!
   I love serving a mission and serving the Lord. It is an amazing work to be a part of and I am so grateful to be here! Study the Scriptures, say daily prayers and attend church and you will be okay!!! I promise you that! Thanks for everything! I love you lots! Sister Haws

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