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Pictures from their ward Christmas Program

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Hello!                                                                                                                                                    December 9th 2013
   Can you believe it is almost Christmas?!? Where has all the time gone! I just can't believe it! But I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Especially as a missionary because people are nice and people are focused on the Savior so much more! I wish it was like this all year round! The first Presidency devotional was amazing! I especially liked Elder Nelson's talk about finding peace through the Atonement of the Savior! The spirit was so strong.
   Our Christmas program went SOOOOO well! Everyone loved it! We didn't get as many people there as we would have liked. BUT the majority of the ward was in the program so those that were watching it were less-actives or non-members! So that was really cool to realize! We had so much fun doing it and so many people said they would have loved to see it again! They did get some of it on camera but we don't know which parts so you may or may not get to actually see it "live!" I loved it so much! We were very tired after but it was worth it! We even had the family we are teaching come to it and they really loved it!
   We didn't really get a lot of people visited this week because we were busy with the program and trying to let my companions  knee rest. Her knee isn't doing so hot right now so any prayers would be much appreciated! We know the Lord will provide a miracle but we just have to be patience. It is getting better but just taking a while and we are trying to take it easy for her.
   We did visit a few less-actives that are doing well and a couple of them have been coming out to church lately! Which has been so great!  We still have SOOOO much work to do in this area and it is moving forward. But sometimes it is overwhelming. Our human mind sometimes freaks out a little bit and says how can we ever do this but the spirit side says keep having faith and trust in the Lord. It is a decision we have to make every day. To trust in the Lord and not get down or discouraged. That is exactly what Satan wants is to discourage us. But he will never win! We have seen so many miracles and we know the Lord is working side by side with us. We couldn't be doing what we are doing without him.
   Last night was one of those moments that discouragement set in and I had to make a choice. We were talking about everything that we need to do and everything that needs to change. And of course, my human side said, "AHHHHHHHH, this is dumb." But I realized after,   that in order for things to change, I have to have more faith. So that is exactly what I am working on this week. Increasing my faith and relying on the Lord. I look back at times and just see how much I have changed and grown closer to the Lord and I am so grateful for the testimony and the Conversion that has taken place in my heart unto the Lord. I am so grateful to be a missionary especially this season because this is my gift to the Savior, serving him and sharing His Gospel. That is one of the best gifts we can give the Savior, is becoming more truly converted unto him and sharing His Gospel with those we love. Thank you for all your love and prayers! I hope the days leading up to Christmas are wonderful and each of you feel the love of the Savior each day!
 OH MY GOODNESS! The best news of the day, that I forgot to say is that I am staying in Bishop another transfer, (probably finish out here) AND I get to stay with Sister Kimball and Wilkin! Both are done with training and normally they split us up after that but they didn't! The Lord needs us together and we are so excited to be together for Christmas!!!!
   I love you all dearly! Have a wonderful week! Love, Sister Haws

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