Monday, December 16, 2013


Hola !! And Merry Christmas to all !!                                 December 16th 2013  
    Well this week has been pretty darn good. Up's and down's but that is what helps us to grow closer to the Lord.
   Monday we were finally able to teach one of our investigators that we haven't been able to see for about a month and we had an amazing lesson of how the Holy Ghost plays such an important role in our conversion and helps us to learn the truth of all things and we felt that it went really well. He is very intelligent and uses a lot of big words that make it difficult for me personally to understand, haha  but,  it is very entertaining and I am really grateful for the spirit that can understand and then tells me what to say.   And this was also our last day with our Elders that served here with us in the Bishop Ward. They both got transferred and they put 2 new elders in. But we spent most of the day just having fun with the Elders before they left. We all became close and good friends so it was hard to see them leave. You really do make some of your best friends out here.
   Tuesday, we went out to Benton which is like 15 minutes from the Nevada Border and visited some members and meeting some really neat potential investigators. We also met the new elders and one of them I already knew from before and the other one is fresh from the MTC.
   We were able to do quite a bit of service this week for people and we had some very good connections with some of the less-actives in our ward that are wanting  to go to the temple. There are 2 single ladies that we are really working with to help them go to the temple and they are so excited. There is one that is so strong. She has been a member for about 4 years and has an amazing testimony. She was inactive for a while but she came back because she feels so much peace every time she walks into the church. And she just glows. The Gospel has changed her life and does each day and she is such a strong example to me of being truly converted unto the Lord.  We were able to see one of our former investigators who is having a really hard time. His wife is really sick and might not make it too much longer so we were able to read some scriptures with him and we sang for him and his wife. The Spirit was so strong and you could just feel how much the Lord loves them and is very aware of them. The wife received a priesthood blessing and it was powerful. I just love moments like this being a missionary. It reaffirms that God loves His Children and we are here for them.
  We also had the wonderful chance to see our mission president this last weekend which was so nice and a much needed visit! I just love him so much. You can see the power of God within him and the love that he has for his missionaries. He is an amazing man and I am so grateful to be here and serve with him. I just felt so safe and so much peace being around him. I didn't want him to leave. We told him he should move the mission home up here and get a private jet and then he can fly wherever he needs to. :) He even liked that idea.
   We also got to go on splits with a member in the ward and we saw so many miracles. One of the coolest things was that we ran into a couple of Hispanics and I have been trying to learn Spanish so we can at least give them something and I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me and I told him who we were and that we share a message about Jesus Christ and it can bless his family. Then I bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon and the spirit was so strong. He replied and said that this book is very important and I said yes. The member that I was with speaks a lot of Spanish and she said after that I had to have gotten the gift of tongues.  She said when I started, there was a lot of grammar errors but when I bore testimony of the Book of Mormon, she said it was perfect and he completely understood. I don't know if it really was but the spirit was so strong and he knew that is was good and important. We were able to give him a Book of Mormon in Spanish and he wants to learn more. Don't really know how we will teach him but the Lord will provide a way. I love being a missionary more than anything in the world. There is so much joy and peace that comes from sharing the Gospel each day. I never not  want to share it. This Gospel changes lives. I know that it has mine forever and I am eternally grateful for that!!! I have gained a relationship with my savior and Heavenly Father that no one can ever take away from me and I am so grateful for that. I know that through that relationship, I can get through anything because they are always on my side. This truly is the work of the Lord and He is preparing His Children for His coming. Thank you for all your support and love and prayers. They are felt! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!         All my love,  Sister Haws.

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