Monday, February 10, 2014


Kaeley sent some fun pictures but for some reason I have not been able to get pictures to load on here for the last 3 weeks, not sure what is going on. I would love to share them with you if I could.  
Hello!                                                                                                                                                                    February 10th 2014
   Another week has flown by. This week was actually pretty eventful. Now you will all probably laugh but it is quite funny. So last week right after we finished emailing, we headed up to what is called Ancient Bristle Pine Cone Forest to see what is up there. Apparently, it is pretty cool. When we got up there, there was a little bit of snow but we didn't think much of it. (now,  your probably already guessing what is going to happen.) So we keep going and then the road went from no snow to a lot of snow and we realized that we needed to turn around but the road was really narrow and sat next to a big drop off and so we said" Well... let’s keep going and see if there will be somewhere to turn around. The more we went up the mountain, the more snow there was and eventually....we got stuck. :) But it wasn't just us. We were with all the elders in our district and we had 2 sets of elders in front of us and 1 behind us in the trucks. But the ones in front of us got stuck as well.
   We all got out and tried to get them unstuck and we had the truck out for a little while but it got re-stuck and the car was not going to move. (We have a little Chevy Cruze.) Then the sun went down and we were all cold so we decided that it was time to leave so we all piled into 1 truck and headed down the mountain. The whole time we were just laughing because most of us where from Idaho and Utah and it was just ironic that we got stuck. So we made it home, wet and cold and drank lots of Hot Chocolate to warm up and made plans for the next day to go back and get them. We had quite the adventure. Our district leader called the mission president to let him know what had happened and he just laughed and expressed the desire for us to stay away from the snow for a while. ;) We all have had a good laugh about it this week!
   We have also seen a lot of miracles with the Less-active we are working with this week. A lot of them have been responding to the lessons and coming to church which is really cool and neat to see. The lord is truly blessing the hearts of the people here. We are still praying every night for the powers of heaven to help us reach 50 baptisms in March and we are seeing those powers each day.
  The work is moving forward and the ward members are catching the vision. It is so cool to see the difference and to feel the spirit working through them. Yesterday, we did a musically number called the Olive tree and it was beautiful. We also got to teach Gospel principles and Relief Society and they both were powerful lessons and the spirit was so strong. I love the gospel so much and the Joy and light it brings. not only to my life but to those around me.
   I have been thinking a lot about those times in our lives that bring the most sorrow, its the times right after that that bring us some of the greatest joys in life. It is interested to see "opposition in all things" at work. I am so grateful for the gospel and especially for my Savior. He is real and I am so grateful for his sacrifice. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Love, Sister Haws

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