Monday, August 20, 2012

A computer challenged mothers disclaimer notice

Hello to all who will be following this blog for Kaeley,   I am her mother, who she left in "charge of" this mission blog.  So before she left she set it up and titled it and did the first blog and showed me the site address and pass words to get on it,  then when I asked her how to do it, she said, "You'll figure it out mom "  Boy, she has a lot of faith,  that silly girl !!!  She wanted this done for her memories and for all her family and friends to be able to keep up with all her mission adventures.  I thought it was a great idea until I realized that it would be me that would be doing it and I had NO idea how to do this, so I ask your forgiveness and patience as I muddle through this and try to figure it out.   By the time she gets home maybe I will be a pro !!!  Please send me suggestions and ideas of what to put on here I would appreciate all your help !!

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