Thursday, August 23, 2012


     How are you both doing?!?! I miss you so very much! I am doing pretty well!!! I have officially made it a week in the MTC. I think that is quite an accomplishment! The first day was so overwhelming and so good! Later that night it really hit me where I was and I kind of had a ruff time but that is when I could really feel my savior's love for me and i knew i was were i needed to be. I love it here. The spirit is so strong and overwhelming and it is amazing! I just love it! I am so grateful that I am here and I thank heavenly Father every day for this chance to serve. My life has already been changed and its only been a week! Our days are so busy. We are scheduled every minute of every day but that is kind of nice because I am pretty sure I would be so lost! I feel like i have gained about 20 million pounds because there is an endless amount of food and all we do it sit all day long and learn. which is great but I love gym time! LOVE IT. It is so nice to get out and just sit in the sunshine and enjoy it! My companion is awesome! her name is Sister Scrivner and she is my complete opposite but in a very good way. She has strengths that I don't and I have already learned so much from her. She is amazing! My district is composed of 4 sisters and 7 elders all of which are awesome! And we are so very blessed because my entire district is all going to the same mission at the same time and That is very very rare here at the MTC so we are so blessed and we just all get along so great! I just love them and there spirit. Elder Hansen is even in my district as well so its cool to have two of us from Idaho but he couldn't remember my last name so I was sister Rexburg for a day! made me laugh.

The food here isn't too bad. I mostly just eat salads and soups because everything else is sometimes questionable. :) I did see Aleesha'a brother Brock and I didn't really recognize him until after so I never said hi but it was kind of cool to see him. I hope grandpa is doing better and I hope grandma is doing well as well! I am so sorry to here about Randy and Please know that him and the family are on my mind and prayers!

Sounds like you had a blast cooking beans all the time. I guess we should have picked them before I left so I could help you out a bit!

How is work going dad? I hope everything is going great for you! I love you and miss you both so very much! I thank you for your sacrifice that you have given to get me here and just know that I truly appreciate it and there is no place I would rather be! And that goes for everyone who is such a great support here to me! It is so nice to have this much support and know and feel the love and prayers of my family!

My day normally starts at 6 in the morning and goes till 1030 at night. so it makes for a pretty long day and it is good because I sleep very well at night and I was a little worried that I couldn't sleep because I am such a light sleeper but that is definitely a blessing from the Lord that I can. We have breakfast at 730 lunch at 1215 and dinner at 515. We have devotionals on Sundays and Tuesdays and this last Tuesday Neil L. Anderson came and spoke to us and it was an amazing talk! WE got to sing for President Monson since it was his birthday! which was really neat. It was also really neat to hear all the young men sing called to serve him in this huge hall. It almost made me cry it was so powerful! I have two teachers that are so amazing and are awesome at what they do! I love them alot and it will be sad to say goodbye to them. Thank you for sending Tyler's letter back to him.

I have p-days on Thursday and only have 30 minutes for email so it is good to use dear elder while i am in here so i have more time to write to you. I hope all the kids are doing well and I miss them lots!

Oh and there is a package coming in the mail for you. I am sending some clothes home and I am also sending some letters for people that I don't have addresses for in the family so if could get them to them just when you see them that would be wonderful!!!

Things are just amazing here and the lord really does have his hand over the MTC. I have been blessed above measure and I am eternally grateful to him and to all of you who have helped me to get to this point.

It has been difficult adjusting to having someone with you 24/7 but it is getting easier and kind of nice as well!!!

Let me know how everyone is doing and I love you all!!!! I miss you very very much! and I will try to write more next week!!!! Thanks again for everything!!! love you mom and dad very very much! Love Sister Haws aka Kaeley aka Your wonderful Daughter :)

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