Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey!!!!!! Well I made it another week!!!! Yippee!!!! So glad that I have too! It has been very hot and humid here surprising or maybe its just me but it is good preparation for California! We fly out next Wednesday! I believe my flight is at 11:15 but they said if we had time we can call home so I am getting a calling card so expect a phone call! I am not sure how much time I will have but I will definitely try! This week has been much harder in a different way. It has been very trying in the sense of my testimony and what I really know. We have to be converted to the gospel before we can convert others so I believe that is what the Lord is doing with me. At least I hope so because there have been days that I have felt that i was dragged through the mud. That sounds rather bad and it hasn't been but sometimes it just gets so overwhelming. But something good always comes of it. And they were not kidding that the spirit is draining!!! I don't think I have ever been so tired in my life! Seriously. I sleep really well at night but it never seems like enough yet I just keep pressing forward and thats all you really can do but that is what I love so much. I love getting to wake up and get ready and put my name tag on and get ready to work!!!! I am recently been fighting a cold which has not made it easy to work hard. Sunday was the worst day and I ended up going back to our room for just a nap so I could make it because I had no energy. I am still fighting it and it is slowly going away but is taking a while but that is ok. Just keep Pressing forward!
      Tell Grandma that she is in my thoughts and prayers at this time of Randy's passing! I am sorry to hear that but it sounds like it will be a better situation for him and everyone! I can only imagine how great he feels! probably jumping and skipping and running because he can! I know it is still hard but it is a good thing!
    I am SO glad Grandpa is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just smiled for hours that he can be somewhere not so dingy and can heal faster!!! I hope his spirits are good and I love him and miss him lots!!!
   How are all the kids and Wes and Alyssa doing?!?!? I hope they are all doing well and give them a big hug from me!!!!

 *************** I fly out next wednesday on the 5th so if anybody is sending a letter and it won't get here before wednesday either use dear elder or send it to California!

   I normally spend about 8 hours a day in a classroom and we have the same two teachers that just switch off. I love class but sometimes it is so long!! especially after you have eaten and just sitting there. its hard not to fall asleep and I am sad to say I have fallen asleep a couple times during personal study but it was while i was sick so its a good excuse :) or at least i like to think so! We actually teach our teachers and they are a couple of our investigators. They make up a profile of someone the knew or know and then become them when we teach them. I love teaching so much! Sometimes it is really hard and we struggle but I am so glad we get to do that in the MTC and not out in the field. WE learn SO much of what not to do and it really helps. We also go to a thing that is called TRC Less active or a referral where we teach real people who haven't been to church in a while or who are investigating the church. Every experience we have had with that has been so good and it is great to see that the tools they are teaching us actually work!!!!
    I guess I never really knew what missionary work was all about. It has not been what I expected. I love it! I wish everybody could just come for a week to the MTC and see what it is all about. I think if people actually knew how we were taught to teach...their view of Mormon missionaries would change alot.
    Our purpose is to invite others to come to Christ by helping them to receive the restored Gospel by faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end.
     They make us memorize this passage and that is how we teach and learn to teach by. We are inviting others to come to Christ and sometimes people won't want to be apart of the church but all we can do is to bring them closer to Christ. That is our purpose. Not to get a million people Baptized and That is why I love that and why I wish everyone knew that that was the purpose of a missionary.
    You might be getting another box of some stuff from me. It has been good to see what I will wear and what is easy to wear because some mornings you are just so tired, you just don't care what you look like. You still look good but you know what I mean.
     Thank you for sending my stuff to California. It will be nice to sleep in my own sheets and with my own blanky !!!!.
    We have been getting miny thunderstorms here the last couple of nights and it has been lovely! I love the Rain.
     Every p-day we get to go to the temple and the Provo temple is so beautiful! probably my new favorite temple. Seriously! If you ever have the chance go through it!!!
     Is rachel engaged yet? :) how is missy? any more baby cows? Sorry to hear about rickys foot that really stinks! I hope it heals fast.  Glad your football season is starting up again! Give you something to look forward to!
     We had an experience the other day teaching one of our Teachers as an investigator and we had no idea what to teach her and just went in prepared with the best we had and Some how it completely turned around and was the best lesson we had ever taught and our teacher even told us that. We walked out and were just like what just happened!.... in a good way. I started crying just because I realized that that was what missionary work was all about!
     It is a great place to be and a great time to be here! I miss you so very much mom and dad!!!! Thank you for the love and support you show!!! I am so grateful for everything My Heavenly Father has given me and just look forward to the good and bad times in the next few months!!!!! I know I am where I need to be, helping the people I can! I keep you in my prayers!!!! I love you both and cant wait to hear from you soon! (before Tuesday :) ) all My love!!!! Sister Haws...aka...kaeley....aka.....your bestest Daughter :) mahahahaha love you

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