Monday, August 20, 2012

The big " drop off "

Lookin pretty calm and collected, way to go Kaeley, show  no fear !!

The last wave goodbye. 

Run Kaeley run !!  Catch up to those luggage thievin Elders !!! 
AUGUST 15th 2012      1:10  P.M.  MTC in Provo Utah

The drop off at the MTC was quick, to say the least !  They had her suitcases unloaded and headed up the sidewalk with them before we all got out of the car !  We had to say. "Wait !!  We want a picture of Kaeley going into the MTC with her suitcases, "  so they took her luggage and staged it and told her to stand on front of it so we could take a quick picture then told us to hug her and that she was in the Lord's hands now and off the Elders went.   The bottom picture is funny, it looks like she is chasing the thiefs who stole her luggage :) 

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