Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Thursday August 17th 2012

Hey Mom and Dad, 

They gave us permission to write you today and say we are ok !  So, I am ok !  Yesterday ( my first  day) was pretty discouraging ... so much to take in and remember !  I just kep thinking, what have I gotten myself into ? I didn't know if I could do this, but I kept trying and thought I would give it some time.   I got some good rest that night so today is SOOOO much better, I feel much better about being here. 

My companion is Sister Shrivner she is completely amazing and already pushes me to come out of my shell, she is a great opposite of me, very outgoing.  She is from Albuquerque New Mexico, it is interesting that I have a connection to there anyway. I thought that was cool ! 
(When she put her papers in, Kaeley's family teased her a lot about getting her call to Albequerque New Mexico because we have had a lot of family and friends that have served there )  

My entire district here is going to the same San Fernendo Mission and they told us that hardly ever happens, so we got pretty lucky

There is so much to learn and take in here and the spirit is so strong here, it is amazing to feel, I loved putting my name tag on this morning it was just a neat feeling.  It is amazing to me that the more time I am here, the more I realize why I am here and how much I can learn.  There are so many amazing people here.   It is hard, but I truely love it !! Not so much yesterday :) but I love it today.  I am doing good, it is hard and will be hard but I am looking forward to the challenge of this work.  Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and I trust him.

I love you both, 
Sister Haws 
aka  your daughter, 
aka your favorite daughter,
aka your best daughter ever !!  :) 

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