Monday, October 7, 2013

Pictures and letter from Kaeley October 7th 2013

Waterfalls they hiked to for P-day near Bishop California
Awww, Isn't she just beautiful ? This mom sure thinks so !!! 
Kaeley and her companions above. Picture below is her district in Bishop Cal. 

Hola!                                                                                                                                                    October 7th 2013
    Who knew that California could get so cold! Or maybe I have just adjusted so well that it feels cold. Thank Heavens we are in a car but the cold is moving in but it does feel pretty nice compared to 100 degrees so I can't really complain. This week has been an interesting week. It has been sort of a discouraging week but the Lord has provided little tender mercies to help us see that He is there and is blessing us.

    There is this really weird "off" feeling about this area and we can't seem to figure out what it is. The spirit isn't here as much as it should be and I believe partially because there is so many churches and God is just such a casual thing to the people. He isn't everything like he ought to be. And everyone just kind of does what they want when they want without really understanding that there are consequences for actions. Every talk in General Conference felt like it was directed at the area specifically and we wondered who had told the Prophet and Apostles :)  ? could it be that possibly Heavenly Father since he knows everything?

    There are a lot of members that don't really have a true testimony to know that this Church is true and has the fullness of the Gospel.  Which just breaks my heart. We are a part of Christ's only true church upon the face of the Earth and it is just taken so lightly here. I really hope I don't sound extremely negative. Because I love the area and the people so much and I think that is why it hurts so much to see people take this Gospel that I love so much and just throw it to the side and act like it is just another Church. Because It isn't . If anything, being here so far has really strengthened my testimony that this church IS the only true church. And I especially love the relationship I am building with My Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He is real and the Atonement is real and covers so much more than just Sin. It literally covers everything!  Which, I am extremely grateful for. But here are some amazing things that have happened this week that helped us to keep going.

  Our investigator, Megon is doing so well! She loves the Gospel and is making a lot of changes in her life to come closer to God and she just has such a beautiful spirit about her and as she has been reading in the Book of Mormon, she has just started to glow more and more and the spirit is growing brighter in her eyes and countenance. I LOVE seeing the Gospel change people from the inside out. It is the best feeling in the World. We also had a really neat experience. Saturday night we decided to go get some Mexican food from a place we had heard about. As we finished and received our bill, this man walked up to us and asked us if he could pay for the bill for us and called us sisters. We knew he was a member because we don't get called sisters unless they are members. But we didn't even know what to say and just stared for a few seconds. (He probably thought we couldn't speak English or something) but he asked again and said "I would really like to"  we asked if he was sure and then gave him the Check. This man was traveling through back to Reno and had stopped for something to eat. He was a less-active member that the sisters visit every once in a while. That was a tender mercy from the Lord and we knew that the Lord was watching out for us. And the best thing about this weekend was CONFERENCE!!!!  All of them were my favorite. I can't just pick one but of course Elder Holland's was amazing and the Prophets talks too ! The talks were all just so amazing and so inspired. I really felt their focus was on holding tight to the testimony you have and always strengthen it! There are perilous times was said a few times and about judgment day. Sometimes I feel that we forget how close the second coming really is and the signs of the times are here and happening and only happening more and more. We have to have a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His true church to truly make it to the very end. I just want to shout to the whole world and make everyone join because they need the blessing that comes with living the gospel. But I guess that is what makes our job as members of the true church so important. It is only this Gospel that will help people through what is coming. Only the Gospel will save the world. And we have it. What a huge blessing and honor and trust from our Father in Heaven that we get to be a part of His work. He could do anything he wants yet he lets us be a part of it. Heavenly Father really loves His children and he wants them all to come back home.

    I Love this area and the people and my companions so much. I feel so very blessed and I know that the Lord is really helping me and guiding me to know how to help this area. It is a blessing and an honor to serve him at this time and I love it so much. I can't imagine my life without my mission. I remember thinking I didn't want to come and boy would that have been the stupidest thing I could of done to my life. I am grateful that Heavenly Father loves me enough to push me to come and especially those people he placed in my life to help me to come. I love the Lord, I love His Gospel and I love His church. If you don't know if this really is His church I encourage you to read in the Book of Mormon and then ask God and I know he will answer your prayers. So many blessing will come as you truly seek out the truth! 

   I love you all so much and can feel the power of your prayers and support and love. SO THANK YOU!!!! All my love, Sister Haws

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